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Give me a character and I'll tell you:

Why I like them

Why I don't

Favourite Season:

Favorite episode:

Favourite Line:

Favorite outfit:



Unpopular opinion:

A wish:

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen:
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As Time Goes By was one of my favourite episodes of the season, I really enjoyed the time-travel aspect and the new mythology that was introduced with the Men Of Letters, and aww at how gleeful Dean was at finally having a home base. Hunteri Heroici was another episode that I really loved, I just loved the absurd humour of the cartoon world, as well as Castiel's attempts to be a hunter lol

Oh and I don't know if this moment was actually supposed to be funny, but I absolutely cracked up at Dean's annoyed whisper in Blood Brothers, 'That is NOT what I wanted to talk about' when Sam points out that he doesn't have any friends, all of his friends are dead *g*

I had a lot of issues with how Benny got treated in Torn And Frayed, Sam's self-righteousness over Benny felt really hypocritical for a start when he's always been the one to advocate giving the 'monsters' a chance in the past if there's any suggestion that they're not hurting anyone, and yet time and time again he refused to believe anything but the worst of Benny. It just felt like he refused to give Benny the benefit of the doubt because of jealousy over Dean's relationship with Benny. I ended up feeling really bad for Benny, he had no one in his life except for Dean, and he was pretty clearly desperate and in need of a friend when he got ditched :(

I must admit that Amelia never really worked for me, Read more... )
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Give me a fandom and I'll give you, either in the comments or in a separate post, five unpopular opinions for that particular fandom.
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"The WB 20th anniversary: Ranking all 32 of the network's dramas from worst to best "

I thoroughly approve of Buffy, Dawson's Creek, and Gilmore Girls being the top three <3 And hmm Felicity is #4, I never actually watched that show, but I've been wondering lately if it might be worth checking out as a lot of people seem to like it? There have been soooo many high-school based shows, it might be a nice change of pace to watch one focused on the college years for a change :P (Oh and Angel is #5, Smallville is #6, Roswell is #10, and Supernatural is #11)
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List 10 tv shows/movies/books
-- Have your friends guess your favourite characters from each one.
-- Cross out the show/movie/book and put the character in when someone guesses.

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Buffy

2. The Vampire Diaries Caroline

3. Breaking Bad Walt

4. Dawson's Creek Joey

5. Farscape John

6. Supernatural Sam

7. Veronica Mars Veronica

8. Friends Monica

9. Pretty Little Liars Spencer

10. Dollhouse Adelle
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SPN was pretty decent this week, it was nice to have a good old-fashioned MOTW episode with lots of brotherly talks. SPN 1004 )

And hee, next weeks episode certainly seems different!

I enjoyed The Flash a lot more this week too. The Flash 104 )
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Umm I hate to say it, but The Flash fell really flat for me this week :( The villain just felt too formulaic and was really struggling to hold my attention. It didn't bother me so much in the first two episodes, so I don't know if it's just because of the mood that I was in while I was watching, or if it simply is that the meta-human of the week is getting old for me now. The writing just felt kind of bad in places, apparently the first two episodes were both by the show creators, which might explain why they felt so much stronger to me...

The Flash 103 )

Supernatural wasn't all that exciting to me this week either I'm afraid. It was decent enough, and there were some moments that I really appreciated, but overall I think that my expectations were just too high as it didn't absolutely blow me away as I'd been hoping for. Okay honestly I'm mostly disappointed that Sam and Dean didn't get a hug and super-dramatic H/C comforts like in my favourite fics :P Plus I'm bummed that SPN 1003 )

ETA Okay yeah actually I was being too hard on SPN, that wasn't a bad episode at all, there were some very good scenes in it
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LOVING Dean as a demon this week, when he comes over all chilling and badass I was close to having palpitations!!

Supernatural )

I'm still really enjoying The Flash, it has such a sense of lightness and fun about it compared to other superhero shows like Smallville with all of their angsting (And I've decided to drop Gotham, I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't get into it).

The Flash )

And some Veronica Mars news! :D

Exclusive: Whatever Happened to Duncan Kane? Veronica Mars Star Teddy Dunn Speaks Out

The real reason Duncan was so catatonic early in Season 1:Almost as soon as Veronica Mars premiered, it became clear that fans didn't like Duncan, who was originally slated to be Veronica's OTP. He came off as vacant, distant and just sort of... there. Duncan later became much more dynamic, but this isn't because Dunn's talent improved exponentially overnight. It's because Dunn was originally under the impression Duncan had a mental illness.

"I was told early on that Duncan was bipolar, so when I got the role I got some books, starting researching it and looking into it," Dunn says. Since psychosomatic drugs used to treat bipolar disorder often leave the user emotionally distant, Dunn made the conscious choice to play Duncan that way. However, once it became clear that viewers were having a hard time connecting to Duncan, "I was told to leave all that behind and go back to being the gregarious big man on campus," Dunn says. "I had a hard time reconciling the two and I think I struggled with the precedent we had set with the character in the first few episodes versus what they wanted to get out of the character later down the line

(It's funny he says that because at the time I did assume that's what he was aiming for after it was revealed that Duncan was on medication, that he was deliberately toning down his performance for that reason. I actually found Duncan a lot more intriguing in early season 1 when they were playing the mystery of what he knew about Lily's death, it was in early season 2 that I started to think that okay he's just a bad actor lol, because even when Duncan was dating Veronica again and should have been happier, he still came off as really subdued and blank idk. I never felt like his performance changed significantly, although apparently the actor feels that he did switch it around?

He also talks about the criticism from TWoP, the decision to write him him out, his decision to leave acting, and finally

"They would have to first want me to," Dunn says. "I'm not sure there's room for him anymore is what I'm trying to say. But like I said, I really like Rob and Kristen and everybody who I worked with on the show so I'm not going to say no I'm not open to it. But also, I'm a lawyer now. I'm not an actor anymore. It's not to say I never want to act again. I do. I'm just not sure I want to revisit that character, to be honest with you."
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The Vampire Diaries 602 )

And I've finished watching season 7 of Supernatural, but I gave up on catching up on seasons 8 and 9 in time, so I jumped straight into 1001.

Supernatural 1001 )

I also enjoyed the pilot for The Flash. I don't really have that much to say about it, but it seemed fun and I liked the characters

And I watched my first episode of American Horror Story, and er that was different *g* Is anyone on my flist following that show?
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I decided on a rewatch/reminder of SPN season 7 before starting 8 and 9 )

I've also d/l Gotham and Agents Of Shield premieres to try out, but I've been working so much overtime this week that I just haven't had the time to sit down and watch them yet :(
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:waves to new friends from the friending meme:

And after all of the demon Dean fic I've read, the trailer for the new season of Supernatural is getting me so excited!!!

I really want to watch, but I don't know if it would be worth trying to catch up on seasons 8 and 9 first, or just jumping straight into season 10... I haven't seen any SPN since season 7, I keep meaning to catch up when I have time, but now the summer hiatus is almost over and I am still ridiculously behind :(

I'm in the midst of watching season 1 of Homeland for the first time at the moment. After that I want to catch up on seasons 3-5 of The Good Wife and season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. I also want to have a rewatch of seasons 1-4 of Nikita, plus I want to check out some of the shows on amazon prime like Arrow and Orphan Black :needs more hours in the day:
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Nooooooo! Ben Edlund (and Robbie Thompson) is my favourite SPN writer, why couldn't it have been Adam Glass instead :/ The writers of Mannequin 3: The Reckoning is NOT a fair trade

And The 8 Worst Characters On Television

What makes a character the “worst” isn’t necessarily their amoral actions or behavior (some of our favorite characters walk a very thin line between good and evil). They could be the most self-righteous and moral character ever, but still annoy the ever-living shit out of us. Worst characters are those whose screentime we want depleted immediately because they’re just so unlikable, despite the writers best attempts at getting us to root for them.

The only character I'm familiar with from that list is Chuck Bass, and he should be #1 in my eyes. Who else would you nominate for your worst character? At the ONTD discussion post Xander Harris got quite a few nominations lol

ETA Gah has anyone got a recommendation for a good spyware removal program? My comp suddenly seems to be riddled with pop-ups and weird links,and everything is running so slowly
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So I've been seeing this video several times on my flist and I'm trying to work out my thoughts on it

The video in question

I haven't had all that much exposure to Supernatural cons, so I'm wondering if there's some context that I'm missing, but I actually felt like it was a real overreaction the way that everyone tried to shut that fan down

This post has the person who asked the question explaining what happened This is the full question that she wanted to ask:

I’ve loved seeing Dean’s character become more comfortable with himself this season. As a bisexual, I’ve noticed some possible subtext, as seen in Everybody Hates Hitler, that Dean might be coming to accept himself as something other than straight too? I know you’ve said you know Dean better than anyone, so, in your professional opinion, as the preeminent scholar on Dean Winchester, if you see that as a valid interpretation of what’s going on with the character this season.

She then notes that Now here is what happened when I attempted to ask this question. I got as far as the word “bisexual” before the crowd groaned. I proceeded to hold my hand up in a ‘please just wait a second and let me finish’ way and then got as far as the word subtext before the crowd was full on booing and starting to shout a couple things I couldn’t make out. This is when Clif stepped out from behind the curtain looking very intimidating. He said, “Are you really going to ask this question?”

The video also shows Jensen saying "really that's the first question" and jokingly saying don't ruin it for everyone (which did seem to be aimed at her, but I'll take her word for it that she felt it was addressed more at the crowd booing her), and finally says that he's going to pretend that he didn't hear the question and let's move on. And supposedly shipping questions were then banned from the con? But the thing is that she wasn't asking a shipping question at all that I could see, and there are several scenes in canon that can be read as Dean being bixsexual. I don't see it as completely invalid fanwank to ask the actors or the writers about it when the writers are putting those scenes in there. I certainly don't think that anyone deserves to be booed for simply asking the question, nor was there any need for fans to get that defensive over someone perceived as making the actors uncomfortable.

I'm kind of torn because I do hate when fans constantly harp on Destial or Wincest to the actors and look to them to validate their ship, just yikes. But this felt like the other extreme to me with an oddly hostile response from the crowd before she had even finished speaking. I don't know if it's just because a lot of the audience are used to those questions from other cons and have a kneejerk response to them by now, or if they thought she was oversharing or what? I think I might be missing some context with what supposedly happened at Misha's panel earlier as well. But still there's a big difference between asking an actor to sign a fan manip or drawing of something REALLY inappropiate (if you know what I mean...), and an audience of fans having complete second-hand embarassment at someone merely asking "poor Jensen" if the character he plays could be bisexual.

And is a question like that really so inappropriate for a show that all the time teases the audience with quotes like "Cas, last time someone looked at me like that I got laid" and "get out of my ass". It almost seems like it's fine for the writers to joke around with it in a frat-boy kind of a way, but god forbid the audience take any of hints of bisexuality or homosexuality as anything more than something hysterically funny to play around with

SPN Meme

Apr. 10th, 2012 04:40 pm
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1. Deangirl or Samgirl?

I'm not heavily one way or the other, although I guess I'm a little bit more drawn to Sam on the show and a lot more drawn to Dean in fanfic. If that even makes sense....

2. Casgirl, yes or no?

Well I do like his character, and I think he brought a lot to seasons 4 and 6 especially, but I'm not really fangirly over him either and had no issue with him being written out as a regular if the writers felt that served the storyline, so I suppose no?

3. Favorite season?

Season 4, although I do also love love love season 2

4. Favorite episode(s) from your favorite season?

So hard to narrow it down, but it's probably between Lazarus Rising and In The Beginning

5. Season you're most likely to re-watch?

Season 4 I guess

6. Season you hate the most?

Season 5. I know it was partly budget problems to be fair, but it really disappointed me how they followed up on the apocalpse. Season 4 had such a great build-up to the breaking of the final seal, and then it just felt like the pacing and structure was all over the place for most of season 5 with waaaay too much filler. In my head I had been picturing an entire season of episodes like The End to portray a post-apocalyptic world, so getting episodes like Swap Meat to fill up the season was disappointing

7. Favorite episode of the current season?

Slash Fiction! (Meet The New Boss was also awesome though and my favourite season premiere since season 4)

8. Least favorite episode from the current season?

Season 7, Time For A Wedding. Let's all just pretend that episode never happened, okay?

9. Favorite angel (besides Cas)?


10. Least favorite angel?

Gabriel, I never got the huge appeal he seems to have to fandom to be quite honest

11. Favorite demon?

I can't really think of any off-hand... I guess the YED was one of the most memorable to me?

12. Least favorite demon?

Current Meg gets on my nerves a bit lately, her voice bothers me

13. Favorite one-episode character?

Ooh Kathleen from The Benders, she was awesome

14. Sam's hair looked best in which season?

Season 4 and 6

15. If the show would have ended the way Kripke wanted it to, with Sam and Dean battling each other and jumping into the hole together (and God might show mercy on them, idk), would you have preferred that?

Eh it's hard to say, I would have HATED if it had just been Sam in the hole, but Dean and Sam going out together could have been okay I guess

16. Best casted character throughout the whole show?

Erm the casting of younger John and Mary was pretty good?

17. Do you think Chuck is God?

I don't think so...

18. Favourite death

Jo and Ellen in Abandom All Hope :sniffs: Oh and Sam's death in ALBL of course

19. Scariest episode?

Everybody Loves A Clown

20. Best and worst young versions of characters?

Colin Ford as younger Sam of course. And I guess Dean for worst because they could never get it quite right, and neither younger Dean impressed me much acting-wise. And I especially hated when they got an actor in his 20's to play teenage Dean alongside a 12/13 year old Sam wtf.

21. Favorite female character?

Bela definitely, I loved her. I'm still sad they didn't spend more time on her backstory

22. Best and worst season intro and finale?

The Magnificent Seven was easily my least favourite intro, Lazarus Rising was my favourite

For season finale I don't know! Erm I guess The Man Who Knew Too Much is my least favourite if I had to pick one, and my favourite is probably All Hell Breaks Loose, Part II
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Supernatural 717.

Warning that I wasn't too happy with it )
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Firstly and most importantly HUGE CONGRATULATIONS go to the team at Supernatural for winning Best Tv Drama and Best Sci Fi show at the People's Choice Awards yesterday :D

But I was very disappointed not to see Jared and Jensen on the red carpet, and to not see their faces as SPN was announced as the winner (I always love to see the faces of the underdog winning things like these!) And their bodyguard has since said on twitter that the reason for SPN not being represented is that they didn't get an invite, in spite of being nomiated for two pretty big awards. And the show didn't even bother to air the Best Drama results, and the video thanking the fans, as part of the live show. This article sums up a lot of my thoughts on that:

This may have been the first time in PCA history that the network drama accolade wasn't presented live on air -- do we really believe it's a coincidence that a genre show got snubbed?

"genre fans are the reason that "Chuck" has survived for five seasons, that "Firefly" got a chance at a big-screen send-off as "Serenity," and that little-shows-that-could like "Supernatural" and "Community" can enjoy a brief, but satisfying moment in the spotlight on the cover of a publication like TV Guide. We may not have much power, but we still turn out in full force -- with all the bravery of a Stark and all the cunning of a Lannister -- whenever there's a chance to share our passion for a show that brings us joy.

Shame on the People's Choice Awards for deciding that our choice wasn't good enough."
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SPN season 2 rewatch )

Ringer )
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My SPN rewatch is now up to Something Wicked

Read more... )

And I've completely lost track of time lately! Are The Vampire Diaries, Ringer, Nikita, and Supernatural all starting up this week?
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I've decided to have a rewatch of Supernatural :D So far I'm up to Bugs

Read more... )
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[Poll #1774719]

I'm always kind of torn between seasons 2 and 4 for my favourite, but at the moment I think my order of favourite seasons goes 2, 4, 3, 6, 5, 1

And squeee! AWESOME new promo for Nikita I have to confess that last season, while I was impressed that they resolved the UST as early as they did, I found myself secretly missing the confontations between Mikita and not feeling that they had the same spark after getting together. They were fine and cute enough, but at the same time something was missing for me quite honestly. But they come off as super adorable and hot AND kickass in that promo :D And Alex! Amanda! :can't wait for season 2:


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