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Name an episode (or episodes, as many as you like) from one of the following shows and I will tell you the following about it.

Buffy, Doctor Who, Farscape, X-Files

What I like about it.

What I don't like about it.

Favorite line.

Best performance.

A scene/idea from it that's particularly interesting to me.

Something I would have changed to make the episode better.
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I was really hoping that we would get at least one season of his Doctor with Chris Chibnall as showunner, but it's now been confirmed by Peter that he's leaving after Christmas 2017 :(

Doctor Who

Oct. 8th, 2016 11:36 am
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‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special Teaser

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It looks like it should be fun? The only drawback for me is that I found Matt Lucas quite irritating in the last Xmas special, so I'm not thrilled that he's going to be playing a bigger role in the show, but I'm guessing that I'm in the minority there...

Oh and there's also a trailer out now for the new spin-off Class, anyone else planning on checking it out? :)

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Steven Moffat Denies John Barrowman's Hint That He's Holding Up More Torchwood

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Well this all seems a bit awkward! I'm not John Barrowman's biggest fan frankly, but I can understand why he's so frustrated at the BBC seeming to have forgotten Torchwood. It always seemed to do very well in the ratings, so it is a bit puzzling why they just stopped making it. Blaming Steven Moffat is a stretch through, it seems more likely to be because Chris Chibnall and Russell T. Davis have other stuff going on now, and they were the original executive producers?
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Not sure how popular an opinion this is, but I think "The Crimson Horror" was among my favourites from series 7, it's certainly one of the very few Mark Gatniss episodes that I've really loved! Ada's story was horrifyingly tragic, and I really found the reveal with the Doctor as the "monster" very effective and unnerving the first time I watched it especially, Matt Smith did a fantastic job with those jerky body movements and the way that he was screaming with his eyes. Most of the time Mark Gatniss seems to produce really ordinary and uninspired episodes (I definitely found 'Cold War' pretty dull), while "The Crimson Horror" was the first time it felt like he was stretching a bit and not just aiming for DW by numbers. The scenes between Ada and her mother got pretty dark for DW actually. And of course I loved "Asylum Of The Daleks" and "Day Of The Doctor", but those two probably go without saying *g*

I also really loved "Dinosaurs On A Spaceship", that seems to be another episode that has a middling reputation, but I just found it really fun. In fact I loved pretty much all of the first half of the year, it felt like every one of those episodes really did live up the hype of feeling more like a blockbuster film. Things mostly fell a little flat for me in the middle section, the direction for "The Rings Of Akhaten" especially was a bit flat and small-scale in comparison. It felt like they were still aiming for a big budget feel with all of the aliens and the effect, but the director really didn't bring much scope to the early corridor scenes on the planet for example, it felt so studio-based with the way that they filmed it.

I did love the direction for "Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis" though! That's an episode that I've seen criticised a LOT, and it's definitely frustrating that it doesn't live up to its potential of being an outright classic, but I still found it had some really fun ideas and looked great. The main frustration was the unnecessary B-plot with the three brothers, I wish that it could have been an episode with just Clara and The Doctor

And I enjoyed "Nightmare In Silver" more than I remembered from my last watch, but it does feel a shame that it really should be a great episode and it just doesn't quite get there. Apparently Neil Gaiman wanted to write it as a two-parter originally? I really loved "The Doctor's Wife" and this episode didn't live up to it for me at all, even though it did have a lot of interesting ideas. I guess that's one thing that stood out to me about series 7 actually, that it didn't have as many classic episodes as you found in series 5 and 6, maybe that's part of why the fandom doesn't look more favourably on it? It started and ended strongly IMO, but the middle section didn't have any really stand-out episodes like "The Girl Who Waited" or "Vincent And The Doctor". I get the feeling that "Nightmare In Silver" and "Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis" were intended to be the stand-out episodes, but unfortunately neither of them quite came together

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Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat quits to be replaced by Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall

Steven Moffat has decided that his “timey wimey” as showrunner of Doctor Who has come to an end and he will step down as the show’s lead writer and executive producer after six series at the helm, can reveal.

Moffatt will hand over the keys to the TARDIS at the end of the next series in 2017 to Broadchurch writer and Doctor Who fan Chris Chibnall.

BBC1 has decided to air Moffat’s final 12-part series - the 10th of the modern era - in spring 2017. Chibnall’s debut series as head writer and executive producer will launch in 2018.

A Christmas special WILL air this year overseen by Moffat, though it is unclear whether Peter Capaldi’s new companion will feature
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Which TV shows did you start watching in 2015?

I really need to get into more new shows, I don't think that I did pick up any new shows this year other than Daredevil! I'm currently watching The Vampire Diaries, The Good Wife, The Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars, Doctor Who (all pretty old now), and the only newish shows that I'm following are iZombie, Daredevil, and From Dusk Till Dawn. Otherwise most of my tv time goes to re-watching my DVDs of older shows

Oh and I am currently watching early seasons of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix! I watched season 1 a while ago and always meant to catch up with some more, then I subscribed to Netflix for Jessica Jones and found that HIMYM was on there as well, so I've just caught up with seasons 2 and 3.

Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't in 2015? Why?

I hate to say this because my flist has been so enthusiastic about this show and I really wanted to join in the squee, but...Jessica Jones :( It's not that I didn't like it at all, it was nice seeing so many different female characters on-screen for a start, but I just found that the episodes were really feeling like a misery slog after a bit. I was the most invested after the first episode actually, I really liked how that whole Noir vibe with the voice-overs reminded me a bit of Veronica Mars, and then the ending with Hope certainly left an impression, but as it went on I found myself struggling to get invested. I read this interesting article which I think that sums up a lot of what I was struggling with? 13 episodes of trying and failing to catch Kilgrave just doesn't appeal to me as much as shows that have individual episode cases, as well as the serialised element. The pacing was really dragging for me when it was all so serialised, I couldn't get through an episode without it starting to feel like a chore :( And David Tennant still doesn't do a lot for me

And I talked more about The 100 at the time, but I'm still not sure whether I will watch any more of that show or not

Which TV shows do you intend on checking out in 2016?

Amazon's "Man in the High Castle" is on my watch list at the moment, and The Originals, Luther, and Prison Break are all on my maybe list if I can find the time

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I'm finding that the characterisation on From Dusk Till Dawn isn't really the same for me in season 2 :( Tbh I was most into the show in the first half of season 1 when Richie came across as a little bit sociopathic/there was just something off about him, and Seth was constantly having to keep him in check and worry about him. I read quite a bit of fan fic based on that early characterisation, but it feels like that's been all but dismissed as only being down to the visions since Richie became a vampire? I really enjoyed those early episodes, but it's started to feel a bit B-movie to me at times since it's become more vampire-focused, and I'm just not enjoying the Seth and Richie scenes as much as I was, I miss human Richie... Although after saying that about the vampire focus, I am finding that Carlos and Santanico have become the most interesting characters to me this season. I guess I'm still enjoying the show enough to keep watching, but the brother moments are not pulling me in emotionally as much as they were in season 1, and the storylines all feel a bit too scattered at the moment

I am however loving iZombie this season! iZombie )

I also enjoyed this weeks episode of Doctor Who, Doctor Who )

Weird that there was some talk of episodes 5 and 6 not strictly speaking being a two-parter though, they might be two separate stories technically speaking, but the episodes pretty clearly are going to be closely tied together, this one even ends on "to be continued"... It's looking like episodes 9 and 10 are going to be the only non two-parters this year?
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I don't really have a ton to say about Doctor Who this week, tbh the ~base under siege~ episodes with the guest cast just aren't really my thing. I mean I don't want to sound negative about it, it was definitely a good episode still and actually one of the stronger example of that format (I didn't care for The Hungry Earth or The Almost People two-parters at all, this was definitely a step-up from them for me), but at the same time it's just not the type of episode that I get particularly excited about :shrug:

I've been trying to catch up with season 6 of The Good Wife so that I can watch season 7 live, so far I'm caught up as far as 611

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And I should really stop gossiping about this lol, but Julianna Margulies says there's no feud with Archie Panjabi She basically says that "There's no animosity on my part...It was shot the way Robert wanted to shoot it", and she suggests that there were scheduling conflicts because of Archie filming The Fall. But then Archie tweeted in response to the article, saying that The Fall wasn't in production at that time (I didn't think it was because I knew that Gillian Anderson has been busy filming Hannibal so far this year), and that she was in New York and ready to film that scene at the time. Umm oops

Doctor Who

Sep. 21st, 2015 08:09 pm
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The Magician’s Apprentice )
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Doctor Who legend Sylvester McCoy says only a MAN can play the Time Lord

Obviously there's been a backlash against his statements in fandom, but can I be super-unpopular and admit that I'm not sure how I feel about a female Doctor either? Not that I'm agreeing with Sylvester McCoy reasoning though, "If they changed it to be politically correct then it would ruin the dynamics between the doctor and the assistant” doesn't even make sense as an argument when the dynamic between the Doctor and his Companions changes all the time? It's hardly an established dynamic that shouldn't be touched, they all relate to one another differently depending on differing individual personalities?

But anyway, it seems like the popular thing these days in fandom is to root for a female Doctor, and I'm just not sure how I feel about it. The canon suggests that Time Lords have some control over their changes, so why would the Doctor suddenly choose to regenerate as a woman when he has kept a male identity through 12 regenerations, and seems to have always identified as male? I mean I'm not entirely opposed to a female Doctor by any means, but I guess that's why it's a little bit of a sticking point for me at the moment. The argument seems to go that the Doctor is a Time Lord and can easily choose to regenerate as female without it being a big deal, except that he hasn't through 12 regenerations so far, nor have other Time Lord's like River and Romana, so clearly Time Lord's still must have some basic concept of gender and whether they identify as male or female?

Obviously the intro of Missy has changed things by opening up Time Lord society dealing with gender identity differently, but that still all seems a bit vague to me at the moment when this is the first time that we know of (I think?) that a Time Lord has chosen to change their sex, and we don't yet know if the Master had any particular reason for switching. I guess that I'm just stuck on, whatever regeneration they go through, it's always seemed like Time Lord's still keep the same basic core personality in the past, so wouldn't the Doctor (and the Master too I guess) continue thinking of themselves as male? I feel like the lone voice in fandom when it comes to this debate, because it always seems to get painted as only someone really old-fashioned and set in their ways could not want a female Doctor. And Idk, there's definitely some interesting casting choices out there that I could see myself enjoying as the Doctor, but at the same time it does feel to me like it would be kind of a simplistic message if the show did go with "oh we're hired a biological female to play the Doctor, that means that the character is suddenly a woman now and thinks of herself that way". I mean I assume anyway that part of wanting an actress to play the role of the Doctor would include that incarnation of the Doctor starting to identify as female?

I'm certainly not opposed in any way to changing the gender of established characters for reboots, I'm just not sure how to feel about it when it comes to a character from an ongoing television series. I'm a bit of a hypocrite I guess though lol as I have been enjoying the portrayal of Missy as the Master so much that they could probably make a female Doctor work for me just as easily with the right casting, but still is there anyone else out there who also feels a bit unsure with how a female Doctor would work when he's always been portrayed as male? (The Master choosing the female form for this latest regeneration just doesn't cancel out to me the way that it's always been shown to us as working in the past for the Doctor)
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Give me a fandom and I'll give you, either in the comments or in a separate post, five unpopular opinions for that particular fandom.
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Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates!!! :D I got some awesome presents, including the complete series of Nikita, The Vampire Diaries season 5, season 2 of Hannibal, and the new biography on Joss Whedon. And lots and lots of chocolate, feeling a bit sick at the moment after munching on too much of my toblerone :P

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How amazing was the Doctor Who finale!

Death In Heaven )
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Really enjoyed The Vampire Diaries this week

TVD 605 )

And what can I say about Doctor Who :D :D :D

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I loved The Vampire Diaries this week, Read more... )

Probably unpopular opinions )

And Doctor Who!

I just thought it was supposed to be bigger on the inside, so I didn't say anything )

And next weeks trailer certainly looks very intriguing!

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Okay this new writer is awesome, that's two fabulous episodes in a row now, can we keep him, please? <3

 photo tumblr_ndntowUzl91r7bwg3o4_250_zpsj66ftq9w.gif

Doctor Who 809 )
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I really enjoyed Doctor Who this week :D

Mummy On The Orient Express )
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The Vampire Diaries 601 )

And I found Doctor Who..confusing this week

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