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I really enjoyed The Vampire Diaries, especially the Elena and Caroline scenes (although I did lol at the awkward fatherly scenes with Damon and Jeremy. The Jeremy actor has buffed up so much that he looks about 25 now!), and it feels like it's going back to the show I loved before the Original's. I tried watching the pilot for that show, but unfortunately it just reminded me of how much I needed a break from those characters... I've never liked Klaus much, but Elijah is really grating on me too now. I'm just crossing my fingers that it's a hit so they don't bring them back to TVD quite honestly!

Otherwise I haven't been watching that much tv. After Breaking Bad finished I did watch the first season of Dexter, I really loved it and was excited about catching up with the rest, but then season 2 just didn't do it for me at all. I was super into it with the first season as well, but my interest pretty much died after the second. In the beginning I was really fascinated by Dexter's character and his looking into his past, but by the end of the second season I just could not stand Dexter any more. Or Harry and his code for that matter. Or :shudders: Lila

The only characters I was really attached too were Deb and LaGuerta. Even with Doakes, I did like him more towards the end of season 2, but most of the time he was just so rude and abrasive that I couldn't even root for the one person that I should have. I mean he was the only one who did recognise Dexter for what he was, but urgh the way he went about stalking the guy and swearing at him just really turned me off. Maybe I will watch the fourth still as everyone always raves about that, but Idk

I'm thinking of trying out The Shield next maybe as I've seen some recs for that on BB posts

And woot, [ profile] seasonal_spuffy is now back on LJ!
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I'm kind of over this "tone argument" tbh. I was always brought up to believe that, however angry or upset someone makes you, the way you choose to speak to them in response does matter
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Please consider voting for Chloe (Smallville), Sam (Supernatural), and Caroline (Vampire Diaries)

Thank you!
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Urgh I don't know if it's just me (as tv writers seem convinced we love them), but I HATE cliffhangers. What is the big deal with every season having to end on them, and now news about DW's new season being split in half with a cliffhanger to "keep viewers on the edge of their seats". Smallville's cliffhangers are another peeve of mine because every single season ends on a cliffhanger, and it really makes me miss Buffy ending each season properly and giving you a complete story in one season

I can still anticipate the new season just as much without plot points leaving the audience hanging for months on end.
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I don't get this trend of leaving icon posts open for two/three days, then flocking them, making public fic posts, then flocking them. It's so frustrating when I have fic saved in my LJ memories, only to find it's been flocked since when I want to reread it (this seems to happen particularly with Supernatural fandom for some reason).

What happened to the days of people locking personal posts only, and leaving fandom-related posts public. I miss them *sighs*
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[Poll #1380986]
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Wtf is this???

The move to block British users access to artists' music videos and user-created videos, which feature licensed music, will take effect on Monday evening British time.
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Someone has remixed Christian Bale's outburst *dies laughing*

It's actually pretty catchy!
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I think the new user page is blinding me. Just NO
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Friends love Meme:

[ profile] mskatej

I friended you after you left a comment somewhere in my friendsonly banner a while back now. You are fabulous. You're so fun and positive, so zen! I love your discussion of the episodes, the picspam you do, your devotion to porn, your dirty polls.

And of course your fic is quickly gaining a rep as some of the best Smallville fandom has to offer. You write brilliant porny Clex. And I also love when you go a bit darker with your fic. I have so many of your fics saved, and I heard you were thinking of setting up a fic website. Excellent plan! :D

[ profile] __kali__

I love all of your posts on random things like His Lordship, and the weekly pub quiz *g*

And of course your icons are my favourite for Doctor Who, and I have tons of them snagged. You always post such great clips, and are so up to date on sharing with the rest of us. Plus your episode reviews are great, and come complete with pretty picspam. You are one of the best parts of Doctor Who fandom

You're also soo nice, and always have sympathetic comments and advice for your flist.

[ profile] teot

You write the best fic! I have your website linked in my LJ *points right* It's just brilliant. I especially love And Desire Shall Fail and Naughty Schoolgirl, "Lex is a naughty schoolgirl. Clark needs cock." is the single best summary for any SV fic ever

You are so multi-talented that you also made a fantastic video with Signal To Noise, and I don't know if you have plans to make any more, but you really should!

You're also really fun, and totally into the party mood of SV LJ fandom that we need more of. From picspam to fun links, who could not want you on their flist :D

[ profile] gamiila

I think we first met through the Doctor Who friending meme. Possibly? I love the variety of topics your LJ contains, from sharing pictures of your lovely family, to providing fabulous music links.

I especially enjoy your reviews for Doctor Who. We share similiar views when it comes to this season and last, and you're so great at articulating what works for you, and what doesn't

Plus Buffy and James Marsters fan! :D

[ profile] stolenglimpse

We have so many common interests. Buffy, Farscape, Dead Like Me, Spuffy, Le Femme Nikita, Cruel Intentions, Angel, Roswell, Smallville. Maybe we both watch too much tv lol. It's fun to to have people on my flist that watch a wide variety of shows, because it generally means we end up with similar interests to chat about

You're also so creative with icons and screencaps. And you are so right in your discussion of what shows need to be on DVD

[ profile] txvoodoo

This is awful, but I don't remember you from Fan Forum at all! Although we were both there at the same time. I found sparklies after [ profile] eddy_1985 linked to it, and that's when I first remember you from. We exchanged PM's a few times, I can't remember over what now though, and you were always really sweet and considerate

You're very motivated when it comes to things like LJ polls. It also helps that you are so chilled over saying what you think, and not worrying about looking foolish

You often host such great discussion, and your LJ is always fascinating to read. I love reading about your dogs! I followed yours (and others) advice, and took my dog (name hidden for security purposes) out for the toilet after eating, and she had her poo in the perfect spot :D

[ profile] radioreverie

You're so nice and awesome, and you need to realise just how fabulous you really are. I think we first met years back, on SoL? And then friending one another on LJ. I love when you link up songs, because you have such interesting taste in music

You're also so creative. I love the random things you try out in photoshop, and of course you were the person to help me figure out how to upload my current banner, and change the colours to match. Or, let's be fair, do the whole thing for me :P

I love our chats on yahoo, even though I will never be a fan of Smallville's Lois lol, I get why the character and the Clois ship appeals to you. And you are so intelligent and thoughtful at getting your opinions across, without ever losing your temper and getting nasty, no matter how outnumbered by the majority opinion you are. You stick to what you believe in, and that's very cool. And it's always great to be exposed to different opinions :) I hope you continue watching Smallville next year, I'll be interested in hearing what you think of it, because we so often come at the show from such radically different perspectives

[ profile] joanne_c

I remember the old SV fan newsletter on LJ liking to my rambles, and you friending me from that, and being very complimentary :D I love having you on my flist, because you're another person who often has very different opinions from what I had become used to as the status quo in SV fandom. You're another big Jason fan yay! And you also appreciate Lana, and get annoyed at the fandom hatred of her, long before it become more acceptable to like Lana in season 5 *g*

And you're now watching Doctor Who, and are a huge fan of Nine and Captain Jack. Yay! And you have such thoughtful comments to contribute to a discussion, you're awesome :D
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[ profile] astrea9562 is having serious money difficulties at the moment. She's been missing from LJ for so long because of the struggle with three jobs, and things lately have taken a turn for the worst.

Go here if you would like to help her out :)
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A list of actual announcements that London Tube train drivers have made to their passengers

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Meme from [ profile] txvoodoo

Be honest.

Why am I on your friend's list?

Answer and post this in your journal.
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Urgh. I just read some of the d/l of the latest Anita Blake book. It's called Micah

Utter rubbish. Anita is being written as such a bitch in it! And

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That's how bad it is! I miss Edward
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jeremycrawfordj2000: hello.
frelling_tralk: hi
jeremycrawfordj2000: do you write fanfiction.
frelling_tralk: why?
jeremycrawfordj2000: i was looking for someone to write a fic.
jeremycrawfordj2000: a buffy fic.
jeremycrawfordj2000: you still there.
frelling_tralk: yes
frelling_tralk: I don't really write them
frelling_tralk: what kind of fic?
jeremycrawfordj2000: a fic where one of the females from buffy pairied with a younger male.
frelling_tralk: which younger male?
jeremycrawfordj2000: a original character like made up for the fic.
frelling_tralk: which female?
jeremycrawfordj2000: either joyce or tara.
frelling_tralk: sorry, I don't write fic like that
jeremycrawfordj2000: plrease i am begging you.
frelling_tralk: I'm just not a writer, sorry
jeremycrawfordj2000: ASSHOLE.
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For people who comment the most

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So Sarah is no longer doing the Alice film I heard.

I wanted to see that one! More than another horror sequel anyway :/ Is there any chance it might still happen....


Nov. 30th, 2005 11:06 am
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Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one of a lot of reason[s] why I like/love/adore you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.
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A Jehovah Witness just stopped by to give me a talk on what God expects of us, and what is his purpose for the world. She gave me a free brochere and said she'd pop by again next week. She wants me to do a bible study course from home.

I've always meant to get around to reading the bible, but my family were anti-religion, so I never have. Do they give you free bibles, or do you have to buy your own?


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