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List 10 tv shows/movies/books
-- Have your friends guess your favourite characters from each one.
-- Cross out the show/movie/book and put the character in when someone guesses.

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Buffy

2. The Vampire Diaries Caroline

3. Breaking Bad Walt

4. Dawson's Creek Joey

5. Farscape John

6. Supernatural Sam

7. Veronica Mars Veronica

8. Friends Monica

9. Pretty Little Liars Spencer

10. Dollhouse Adelle
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LOVING Dean as a demon this week, when he comes over all chilling and badass I was close to having palpitations!!

Supernatural )

I'm still really enjoying The Flash, it has such a sense of lightness and fun about it compared to other superhero shows like Smallville with all of their angsting (And I've decided to drop Gotham, I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't get into it).

The Flash )

And some Veronica Mars news! :D

Exclusive: Whatever Happened to Duncan Kane? Veronica Mars Star Teddy Dunn Speaks Out

The real reason Duncan was so catatonic early in Season 1:Almost as soon as Veronica Mars premiered, it became clear that fans didn't like Duncan, who was originally slated to be Veronica's OTP. He came off as vacant, distant and just sort of... there. Duncan later became much more dynamic, but this isn't because Dunn's talent improved exponentially overnight. It's because Dunn was originally under the impression Duncan had a mental illness.

"I was told early on that Duncan was bipolar, so when I got the role I got some books, starting researching it and looking into it," Dunn says. Since psychosomatic drugs used to treat bipolar disorder often leave the user emotionally distant, Dunn made the conscious choice to play Duncan that way. However, once it became clear that viewers were having a hard time connecting to Duncan, "I was told to leave all that behind and go back to being the gregarious big man on campus," Dunn says. "I had a hard time reconciling the two and I think I struggled with the precedent we had set with the character in the first few episodes versus what they wanted to get out of the character later down the line

(It's funny he says that because at the time I did assume that's what he was aiming for after it was revealed that Duncan was on medication, that he was deliberately toning down his performance for that reason. I actually found Duncan a lot more intriguing in early season 1 when they were playing the mystery of what he knew about Lily's death, it was in early season 2 that I started to think that okay he's just a bad actor lol, because even when Duncan was dating Veronica again and should have been happier, he still came off as really subdued and blank idk. I never felt like his performance changed significantly, although apparently the actor feels that he did switch it around?

He also talks about the criticism from TWoP, the decision to write him him out, his decision to leave acting, and finally

"They would have to first want me to," Dunn says. "I'm not sure there's room for him anymore is what I'm trying to say. But like I said, I really like Rob and Kristen and everybody who I worked with on the show so I'm not going to say no I'm not open to it. But also, I'm a lawyer now. I'm not an actor anymore. It's not to say I never want to act again. I do. I'm just not sure I want to revisit that character, to be honest with you."
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Just finished my rewatch of Veronica Mars! I already talked about Veronica Mars seasons 1 and 3 quite a lot at the time, but I didn't say as much about season 2, so I wrote a bit more about my impressions of that season on second viewing.

At the time I was confused at all I'd heard on season 1 being the only really strong season and the only one worth watching, and I still think that's a bit unfair, but now I can understand more why so many people were turned off by the second season and didn't like it as much overall. Season 1 felt like it was a lot more focused on the premise of Veronica as a private eye in high school, a lot of it was obviously about her struggling to fit in with her rich classmates and flashing back to more innocent times with Lily, and many of the episodes involved high school concepts like running for student council, gossip about a teacher, being labelled a slut by classmates etc. Whilst season 2 seems like it's more about adult issues in a way and widening the scope to the entire town, everything is super-plotty and convoluted (with a ton of red herrings!) and it really dropped the focus on Veronica navigating school, so I can understand why a lot of viewers found that sitting through episodes like One Angry Veronica just didn't hold the same appeal.

I get the feeling that Rob Thomas was a little too keen to make sure that they repeated the success of the first year and came up with a super-intense and involved mystery, it definitely felt like he had a lot of ambition with the stories that he was telling for season 2. It seems like it would have been tough to follow everything when you were just following it weekly, I watched the season in its entirely on DVD both times, and even now on repeat viewing certain things are coming together for me a lot more the second time around. Of course that then led to the opposite problem of the network requesting that the show become too simplified with the shorter story arcs and stand-alone episodes for season 3, but tbh I can see where those requests were coming from after season 2 tied every single episode together so closely and made everything so involved. I still liked season 2 though personally and didn't feel that there was a noticeable drop in quality, but I can understand why some viewers found themselves caring less when it strayed so much from Veronica in high school and the more relatable teen issues in order to do plots with the Fitzpatrick's, the Mayor, Jackie's Dad etc.

Saying that, season 1 is still my favourite season for the focus on Veronica's struggles after being ostracised by the town and the school, plus the more personal quests of her looking into Lily's death and trying to find her Mom, but I did like season 2 making more use out of the ensemble cast. Both Wallace and Weevil got their own plotlines a lot more, whereas in season 1 Weevil especially would often just show up for one scene in an episode to help out Veronica. (He did have the season 1 subplot of having had a secret relationship with Lily obviously, but that always seemed quite vague to me with not much time spend on it). I especially loved Weevil and Logan working together, that pairing was always fun

Cassidy still makes me sad :( And I felt like there was some retconning going on with Mac's age, I get the feeling that at the last minute they decided that they wanted to make her Veronica's age and go to college with her, before season 3 she always seemed younger than the other characters by several years. She never appears in classes with Veronica the way that all the other regulars her age do for example. Plus her dating Cassidy made me assume that she was meant to be around his age as they both looked about 16 or even 15, as opposed to the other characters being 17/18 in season 2. She just always had a younger feel to me in her scenes with Cassidy and how awkward they were together, maybe she was realistic for a real life 17 year old, she just didn't feel like the 17 year old's that you get on tv in the way that Veronica and the other characters did

LOVED Charisma as Kendell, all of her scenes were so great. Well other than her sex scenes with Logan, I didn't see much chemistry there quite honestly. I would have liked the show to have spend more time on the Casablanca family actually as I thought that was a pretty interesting set-up in those early episodes, it was a shame that the father was written out as early as he was, even though that was a good twist. And aww, how bad did I feel for the teacher who owned the stocks and was planning to fund his retirement with them.

If I'm honest I thought that Alyson Hannigan was miscast as Trina. And it distracted me how she seems to bring the exact same mannerisms to every acting role now, even ones as diverse as Willow and Trina. I didn't notice it as much with high school Willow actually, but since then she seems to always have the same acting tics. It was nice to see her on VM, and I loved the scene of her getting bitchy with Charisma as Kendell heh, but I have to admit that I got the feeling that she was mostly there because Rob was excited to have a Buffy shout-out, rather than her being the right actress for the role
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Veronica Mars movie! Unfortunately I couldn't see it at the cinema, but I did watch my digital download of it and overall I'm very happy with it :D

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Rob Thomas is already talking about the possibility of sequels, but I must admit that my dream would be for a new season on Netflix, or even Amazon Prime :D I mean the movie was great absolutely, but at the same time it felt like it wasn't quite long enough and I was badly left wanting more at the end of it *g* I'm not going to say no to another movie, but at the moment I'm really crossing my fingers for Netflix to take an interest as they must realise how many new subscribers they would get from a new series of Veronica Mars! It's been #10 at the cinema, even with a very limited release, and it's #3 on Uk itunes top films and the tv seasons are also selling really well!

I'm re-watching season 1 right now and it's soooo good, even better than I remembered, and it would just be amazing to me if they got to make another tv series and spend more time on everything as that is my preferred format for VM. I wouldn't necessarily want another 22 episode season, I do think that season 2 struggled a bit with stretching the mystery over that many episodes, but a 12/13 episode season would be my dream :D
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‘Veronica Mars’ AMC Fan Event Sells Out, Prompting Additional Showtimes

“Veronica Mars” fans are following through on their support of the Kickstarter-funded film, selling out exclusive AMC Theaters-hosted fan screenings held the day before its nationwide release.

As a result, AMC added showtimes for the fan event at several of the 17 locations across the U.S. Warner Bros. and AMC will release the film exclusively on March 14, with only a few smaller non-AMC locations bowing the film that day.

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Now the big question is this: Will Warner Bros. will open up its wallet and pay for more Veronica Mars? Because while Thomas and Bell won’t rule out another Kickstarter campaign, they would rather spare fans the pressure and expense and have the studio finance future adventures with Veronica, be it films or a Netflix series. Both Bell and Thomas have other ongoing projects or potential ongoing projects. Bell stars in the Showtime series House of Lies and says she’s as passionate about that and committed to that as Veronica Mars; Thomas is shooting a pilot for a new CW series called iZombie. So it’s hard to imagine either will have time in the near future to organize another Kickstarter campaign in addition to writing and shooting a sequel. “I know what number we have to hit to do it again [with Warner Bros. paying for it]. I know the internal conversations,” says Bell, who declined to divulge said number. “I think we can do it. I have confidence. So I am not too pessimistic about this being the last round.”

In the meantime, we’ll always have the TV series, as well as a new line of novels that will continue Veronica’s saga. The first title, The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, hits in March. Thomas says the books should be considered canon: ”It would be my hope that, if we got to do any more movies, either these books could be turned into movies, or that the events in these books are reflected in whatever future projects we do.”

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The official trailer for the Veronica Mars movie has now been released!!!

I'm not expecting it to be a box-office smash or anything, but I really hope it does reasonably well and surprises everyone :crosses fingers:
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The new Veronica Mars footage from CC looks amazing!!!!

ETA And pics from the Comic Con panel
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Hmm I'm really at a loss as to why they made Mac, Parker, and Lamb regulars, some of those characters didn't appear for like 6 episodes in a row! And Wallace was also missing a lot. I was actually looking forward to Mac being a regular in season 3 and being the best friend to assist Veronica, but then in the end neither Wallace or Mac were used all that much. And I liked Parker's character fine but it just didn't seem like they had much of a plan for her character either

Really I suppose I was disappointed that we didn't see more of the ensembles as characters and getting interesting arcs, season 3 felt very focused on Veronica working with just the guest stars of the week, as opposed to previous seasons when usually Wallace and others were more involved and working with her. Veronica's interactions with anyone outside of her father and Logan felt very lacking this season

Dick kind of grew on me this season though actually, after I spend much of season 2 not caring about him one way or the other. It was especially nice to seem him get some depth in the first episode when he cried on Logan's shoulder, although it was disappointing that any mention of his family tragedy seemed to be dropped after that. Well and it felt a bit too rushed when his Dad suddenly came back and they just had a few scenes bringing up Cassidy again. They could have got a really interesting arc out of that if they'd spend a bit more time on it, ditto with Mac coming to terms with everything that had happened with Cassidy could have been an interesting storyline, but they barely mentioned it most of the time and a lot of the supporting cast felt like afterthoughts much of the time

And I feel mean for saying this, but Weevil was REALLY distracting me in certain shots because the actor had put on a lot of weight and seemed to have pretty bad acne as well, I'm not sure what happened there with the actor but it was very noticeable to me in the first couple of episodes especially and I just kept wondering what was up with that

And I'm still at a bit of a loss as to why people started disliking Veronica in season 3 :/ There was an extra on the DVD discussing what fans had disliked about Veronica's behaviour in season 3, and she didn't come off as especially mean to me in any of the clips they mentioned fans having real problems with :shrugs: The one thing that did bother me, and wasn't mentioned, was Veronica's attitude to Maddison. I really didn't like her telling Logan that Maddison roofied Veronica, umm no she didn't, she spit in Veronica's drink! I'm not saying that wasn't a mean thing to do but for Veronica to act like Maddison roofied her on purpose doesn't seem very fair when Maddison was the one being set up to be raped in the first place by Dick drugging her drink, she had no idea of the contents when she passed the drink on to Veronica.

Oh and after the DVD extras being kind of crappy for both seasons 1 and 2 it was nice to get a lot more extras for season 3, including all the in-depth commentary discussing the season and the look at the FBI pilot. Urgh I'm annoyed that the show left us hanging so much though, when VM was airing I remember people predicting every year that the terrible ratings might lead to it being cancelled, so you'd think they would have tried to give the fans at least some closure in season 3...
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In some ways I liked the VM finale of season 2 more than season 1's finale actually. Aaron ultimately being revealed as the one who killed Lily certainly made sense, but it didn't have as much emotional reasonance then if it had been one of the main characters that the show teased it could have been. So while season 2's main mystery obviously couldn't connect with the audience the way that Veronica's quest to find Lily's killer did, the finale could have done an even better job than season 1's finale with the surprise reveal that it was Beaver. But then I thought they blew the final confrontation in a lot of ways. The whole "My name is Cassidy" and "Why not" bits were pretty heartbreaking so I wish the entire confrontation could have played more like that so that we could sympathise with Beaver and how damaged he was and kind of played up the tragedy of it up more with him going to such desperate lengths to cover up his being abused. Instead they turned him into such a one-dimensional villian for most of the scene that it was harder to care about him or even associate the character with the one we had been following in the season before then.

It was one thing when Aaron became almost a horror movie villian in the season 1 finale, it still kind of fit with his character after we'd had all the hints of him that season beating Logan, going crazy on Alysons Hannigan's (er what was her characters name?) boyfriend etc. He obviously had a very dark and scary side to him which was hinted at all along, but with Beaver he was a regular and someone the audience more or less knew well so it didn't work for me to see him suddenly become SUCH a different person when he was tazoring Veronica and taunting her over her father getting blown up. It's too bad because if they had restrained themselves a little it would have really blown me away and been by favourite finale by far, I always love getting to emphasise with the villians and the troubled :P

Oh and speaking of Aaron and the season 1 finale, gah it really annoyed me that he get to spend his last few days as a free man. I could see it coming that he was going to be found not guilty, and in a way I loved the final moment of Duncan being the one to order him killed so I can't say it was a bad choice as such, it just really made me mad that he got to live worry-free and happy for his final moments! And also Weevil getting arrested at his graduation was just too sad after all the studying he put in for that test, urgh Lamb

I do agree with all the people saying that season 1 is better than season 2 though I think. It did feel more emotional and character-based and the focus was very much on Veronica dealing with everything that had happened to her after Lily's death. Season 2 was more plot-based and it started dragging for me a bit in the middle, especially the scenes with Jackie's dad (umm can't remember his name I'm afraid) and Keith, but at the same time I don't see a huge difference in quality between them.
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A few years late, but I've just started watching Veronica Mars and am currently 6 episodes into season 2. So far I'm really enjoying it and just loving Veronica. And I LOVE Veronica's clothes. So often I feel like I must really be missing the boat when you watch shows like Buffy, Gossip Girl etc and they wear the most bizarre outfits and I just don't get the appeal and wonder if I have terrible taste, but all of the clothes Veronica wears feel like something that a regular teen would wear and I just really like all of the pink and green she wears too

Logan I didn't end up loving as much as I had expected (after all the things I've heard about how many people love him I mean) which I am aware makes me really out of step with popular fandom opinion *g* I mean he's not someone I hate or anything, but Idk I'm just not all that crazy about him either. I'm not even all that into the Logan/Veronica ship, which in terms of being out of step with popular fandom opinion, umm yeah *g*

And Duncan wasn't as boring as I'd expected after all the hate I've heard that he got. I actually thought he was a pretty interesting character early on with all the hints that he had something to do with Lily's death, him crashing off the bleacher's when he saw Veronica with her new bf, stopping taking his meds etc. But now that storyline's over he IS getting pretty boring in season 2 and the actor definitely isn't bringing much charisma to it or a whole lot of spark to his scenes with Veronica, so yeah I can understand why Logan became so much more popular over him

Ooh and what was up with the teacher from season 1 that was in the credits for all of five episodes, was it just an attempt to add more adults to the cast and it didn't work out? I liked her fine and she shared some nice scenes with Veronica, but I never really got why they would make a teacher a part of the main cast instead of recurring, and sure enough she was dropped from the show after appearing in like 5 episodes, so why did they even add her to the credits as a regular in the first place?!? Mind you Weevil is in the credits and they don't seem to use him much either :/ I thought he was set up as an interesting character in the first couple of episodes but then after that he just seemed to make blink and you'll miss him appearances most of the time which was kind of disappointing. There were like 2 or 3 episodes bringing up his past romance with Lily, and he did also have an episode with Logan in detention which was fun, but otherwise he barely seemed to have his own storyline going on at all...

Actually I was really taken-aback when I realised he was supposed to be 17 and a classmate of Veronica's, I can usually suspend disbelief when it comes to ages of actors on a high school show, but in Weevil's case I really thought in the pilot that him and his gang were supposed to be in their early 20's. He just doesn't pass for 17 for me at all the way that Logan, Veronica, and Wallace just about do. Well and Duncan is a character who also comes off as older to me and I thought was supposed to be a senior in the first season (with Lily being the same age as Veronica), but I guess not

And how excited was I for Joss's appearance!!! dork: I'd already heard he was a fan and made an appearance but I'd assumed he appeared as himself for some reason, so having him make a cameo in just the one scene as a character in the show was kind of surprising, but still very cool heh. It was also nice to see Charisma appearing as the bitchy stepmother as she plays those types of roles so well, and wow does she look fabulous! Alyson I haven't been so impressed with though, something felt kind of off about her line readings in her first appearance, I don't know what it was...

I'm kind of watching in a "prepare yourself for the much talked-about drop in quality" for season 2 way tbh, and so far I'm not really seeing it? I mean obviously the main mystery is inevitably not as emotionally engaging as season 1's was, but it's not bad or anything either? I'm still finding the individual episodes and their mysteries are of the same quality as season 1, so I'm not sure what I'm missing with the drastic drop of quality people always speak about. The one episode I haven't cared for much was the cult one from season 1, the stuff in the cult kind of bored me and then the ending felt really abrupt and half-finished, but other that that I've been enjoying all the episodes so far
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Well I tried Veronica Mars. I've seen the first two episodes so far. I wasn't sure after episode one, and I still don't see why everyone loves Logan lol. But I got a lot more into the second episode. I like Veronica.

So far it's more interesting than Lost anyway...


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