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Looks like I'm going to have to get used to reading fic on the comp again as there's a ton of fic rec'd already that I want to give a read :D

Actually, this might sound like a stupid question, but is there an easy way to convert .doc fic to be read on the iPad? (Calibre didn't work for me there). I have an AU Spuffy fic that was emailed to me in document form which I would love to re-read on my iPad, but I can't figure out how to concert it .epub
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The Vampire Diaries 205 )

And one of the LJ comm's I'm a member of posted this image from the Buffy comics today

Spoilers? )

Does anyone have any more info on that??? It's too small for me to make out what they're saying :/
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Top Five Lexana moments for quasiexistent )

My top five Clex and Chlark for iliana_1 )

Spuffy was totally the hardest because it just felt wrong now to have Intervention kiss, Touched cuddling, or Chosen flaming hands. There are just so many Spuffy moments that I adore...

Top five Spuffy moments for duskwillow, and top five Smallville episodes )

And top five female characters for fahrbotdrusilla )
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Moderator: Final analysis, final verdict: Angel or Spike?
Sarah Michelle Gellar: Well, he's sitting on stage! (points at James)

Sarah Michelle Gellar: (to James) You look at things lately and I've seen a bunch of lists recently where they were talking about favourite characters, favourite shows... I saw the best love scenes this week - it was you and me, by the way. (audience cheers)
James Marsters: Take that, Angel!

Sarah Michelle Gellar: (about the Buffybot) You're playing a character for so long, and you don't want to get lazy and find yourself relying on certain things, so by taking away all the other parts of Buffy, I did have to find exactly the essence of her again, and... you know, it was fun to be his slave for a little while.
James Marsters: Well, you got to be the master for a little while.
Nicky Brendon: You were my slave? The hell, when did that happen?
Sarah Michelle Gellar: Nooooo, that was James.
Nicky Brendon: Oh, okay, that makes sense.


And my favourite pics!

Sarah and Seth Green being utterly adorable together

Read more... )

Charisma looking *fabulous*

Read more... )

James and Sarah hugging!!! Just ignore his hair heh

Read more... )

Sarah gives James a look heehee

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And aww Read more... )
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Everyone go read this hilarious con report for James!

Joss told Sarah that James had a thing for her She comes up to me on set, she's like, (adopting girly posture and accent), 'Don't even try to deny it! I know, Joss told me. You're in love with me.' So I'm new to the show, and I'm caught, because Sarah is hot, don't get me wrong, but I always saw her like my kid sister who drives me crazy, but I love her anyway, you know...So I just sat there and stared at her. And I felt so bad! Years later, when I told Joss that I knew he'd told her that, he went (gasp, covering his mouth) 'I don't remember that! I don't remember that!' It was so like high school, I couldn't even tell you!"

And talking about Angel I told Dave, "You know, we play our cards right, we could be doing this for 15 years. It'd be the "Gunsmoke" of the Millennium, man…" And I told him that at the end of a 15-hour day, and he said, (angrily) "Shut the hell up!"

And I had to lick Sarah Michelle Gellar, which I don't know why, but I just couldn't do it. I just couldn't… I still couldn't do it in my mind! It took me-she was like, "What, you can rape me but you can't lick me?!" I'm like, "That doesn't help, Sarah. That doesn't help."

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A lot of Doctor Who fans seem to loathe Ten/Rose and the "fangirls". It's really amusing me, especially when I see comments about Nine/Rose not seeming that bad in comparison now.

Hee, it's just this is probably the first time ever that I'm not shipping the couple that annoys lots of other fans *eyes Spuffy and Lexana*

I was browsing [ profile] time_and_chips and someone made a comment about I also draw a HUGE line between the S/B Shippers (who were fairly sane) and Spuffy shippers who started teh madness. Pfft. I've always called myself a Spuffy shipper, as far as I'm aware all S/B shippers do. It even feels weird typing it as S/B instead of Spuffy :P

And this is random, but I lost half a stone along with my wisdom teeth, after the not eating properly, and now I'm panicking over gaining it back :/

ETA Spoiler warning for DW season 2 in comments
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Of course people can have whatever rules they want for their own comm, but what's with [ profile] fall_for_spike and

Also, because it's our community, we have decided to disallow any and all Spike/Buffy pairings from being posted. No fic, wallpapers or manips - nothing. If anyone thinks this is unfair and wants to argue the point, go watch the alley scene at the end of "Dead Things" and you may then understand our reasoning. Any and all other pairings are allowed: slash, het, cement blocks, bestiality, whatever - just no Spuffy.

Oh please. And a post inside which mentions no Spuffy in between every other rule they have. If they want to exclude Spuffy fine, but what's with the attitude? And even with the no Spuffy thing being a case of they're certainly entitled to do whatever they want, the comm is representing itself as being for the character, not any one ship, so just excluding the one pairing doesn't seem very fair.
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Ya, because Buffy was such a pure & upstanding member of humanity, you can tell from her constant need to have sex with dead bodies.

Its nasty to go to a allyway to have nasty sex with a deadman, its unclean.

She had sex with animated dead people, thats a mental illness.
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[Poll #707191]
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Heh. TWoP is having a voting game for worst moments of the series. And I gave the spuffy moments minus points, and the person right after me explained the voting system again in case anyone was confused that we give the bad moments plus points.

*laughs* Oh yeah, hate that spuffy


Dec. 2nd, 2005 08:25 pm
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Pick 5 of your OTPs and then list which specific moment made them your OTP.

1. Buffy/Spike 4ever! I first thought they'd be hot and a great ship during Out Of My Mind. Then I watched the end of Fool For Love, and haven't been the same since.

Spike looking at Buffy like the most adorable girl ever in Life Serial when she's getting drunk and taking on Jonathon, The snarking at one another from Older and Far Away.

The hand scene from Afterlife. When Buffy touches Spike's chest in Lesson, the church scene from Beneath You.

The sex in Smashed. Tabula Rasa kissing!!! The look of love from Showtime. The hand holding scene from Potential. The flaming hands from Chosen!

2. Clark/Lex I adore fic with those two. Plus they're so pretty and sexy, they just fit. Clark as the wide-eyed innocent who helps Lex get in touch with his feelings. Lex as the poor little rich poor who's all sophisticated, and introduces Clark to the wonders of sex with Lex. The way they'll always be a part of one anothers lifes, whether through love or hate.

Shipped them since the kiss on the bank of the river ;)

3. Beecher/Keller Because if you're going to write prison porn, that's the way to do it. The scene where Keller handcuffs Beecher and says he just wants Beecher to love him again. And Beecher's shaking and thinking Keller wants to kill him. The first time they wrestle together. The New Years kiss when they just wrap their arms around one another. I guess the kiss in the laundry room and the first, "I love you" is what hooked me. Especially when Beecher is just stood there absolutely stunned, with his mouth open, while Keller is beating up all the guards. Something about the contrast there *g* The New Years Kiss is my very favourite though.

4. Michael/Nikita They are the reason I can't get into the Alias ship with Sydney/Vaguan. All the times Michael and Nikita pulled guns on one another (shut up, you know it was hot!). Michael gradually becoming less sociopathic over the years, until he can finally admit his feelings and says he can't live without Nikita. Season 4 ending with Nikita saying she never loved him, and Michael is too well Michael to cry, so he cuts under his eye, and there's the blood tear. And I haven't seen the final season 5 yet, but I have heard about the scene where they stare at one another across the room. "I lied". "I know". Squeee! I shipped them from when they were forced by that guy to have sex, and Nikita starts dancing with the hat on.

And okay we all know Michael's confession to Nikita in the cage was a manipulation. But there was truth behind it, you know it! Borrowing this quote from, [ profile] svmadelyn

"I thought I was going to break, but I didn't. I thought of you. You're the only one of us who still has a soul. I'm sorry, Nikita. We'll never leave this place alive. *pause* I don't know what love is anymore. But the only part of me that's not dead is you."

5. Doctor/Rose It's all about the handporn. Oh and the Doctor putting Rose before the entire world in World War Three, and that long stare *dies* I also like the way Rose says, "My Doctor" The DW magazine has a great article on the Doctor, and how Rose was just what he needed to get back in touch with the world. They're just so happy together, running to explore the world hand-in- hand, with massive grins on their faces. And well there's that kiss.

Why do most of my ships have such sad endings...
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It occurs to me it's been a while (too long!) since I last had a poll. So here's one :D

[Poll #613788]
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Just to warn people, this is probably one of my sappiest videos yet. It's looking at the spuffy love story through the years.

Right click and save

Feel free to say if you hated it, just let me down gently if you can...
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Hmm, the results of this poll are interesting. A lot of Buffy LJ fandom are voting *g*

My OTP vote was for spuffy. My favourite characters were Buffy and Spike.

And my disliked couples were

Angel/Cordelia, Buffy/Riley, Fred/Wes, Xander/Spike
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[ profile] radioreverie suggested the song things we lost in the fire a while back for spuffy, and I finally got around to using it in a video

Mainly season 7 spuffy, it's about how Buffy and Spike try to connect, and they get there in the end :)

Right click

Lyrics )
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My attempt at a light-hearted look at the spuffy relationship. Sex, violence, and snark *g*

Right click and save to watch Accidently In Love

Please let me know what you think :)
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I was just wondering around LJ season 6/7 discussions, and someone was saying they still cannot reconcile the caring Spike from Afterlife with the jerk for the morning after from Wrecked. And I know people were saying the same thing on the SMG board. It got me thinking. Run now while there's still time *g*

Spike was in a pattern of reinventing himself for the women in his life. With Dru he tortures her to get her back, because we know she really prefers Angelus and that's the behaviour she likes.

With Buffy in season 5, "I can be good" from the Crush. Spike didn't handle himself brilliantly in that episode, but it's clear he does get what Buffy is looking for in a man. Then in The Gift he thanks her for treating him like a man, not a monster. On the surface that's a really odd thing for a vampire to want to aspire too, especially a vampire who glorified in the evil he once committed with Dru, "I'm the big bad". And that's because he lacks an identity of his own, he has always reinvented himself to please the women in his life. So he's acknowledging that what's important to Buffy are morally good people with souls, and that's who he now wants to be.

Then when you get to season 6, Buffy rejects the illusion of the souled man that Spike is attempting to create for her, "You're not a man. You're a thing, an evil disgusting thing". Buffy could only let herself sleep with Spike if he was the demon lover that we see in later season 6 episodes, so that's exactly what he becomes. Spike acknowledges in Beneath You that without a soul he was simply flesh in Buffy's eyes.

Spike was adrift because in season 5 he had been relying on Buffy's light and moral purity to follow. After her death he still follows that memory in his heart, but then a Buffy returns that both Spike and Buffy suspect has lost her humanity, and they pull one another deeper into the darkness because without a soul Spike had no internal light to offer Buffy. And that's why he needed to go find the spark.

The Spike from DT and Wrecked etc is calling Buffy an animal and urging her into the darkness with him, because he was lacking his own identity, and being what he thought his lady would want him to be. A pattern he had always followed. If Buffy had responded to the tender Spike, and they "made love", we would never have seen the morning after scene from Wrecked that we got. But on the show Buffy responds to Spike in Smashed when he smacks her around, previously he had just been trying to get her to talk and was getting nowhere. But fighting and being an arsehole in Smashed, now that turns this new and unknown Buffy on. Light-switch moment for Spike...

In other words of course Spike became "the bad boyfriend" in scenes like the balcony scene, the demonic lover, because he thought that was what Buffy wanted from him. And subconsciously she did, she was sleeping with Spike to punish herself. She admits as much in CWDP, "I didn't want to be loved".

Season 7, once he is souled, is when Spike first starts thinking about the man he wants to be for himself. Soulful Spike from episodes like Afterlife did switch personalities fast, but was that not making a point about the fragility of that persona in the first place? To my mind that's ME telling us that Spike needed a soul for genuine lasting change.
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I was following recs, and someone mentioned season 6 spuffy. It was just a short fic so I read it through to the end and boy do I wish I didn't! It was all about how Buffy lies in Spike's arms unsatisfied and pictures Angel, complete with visaulising wedding rings clanking together. And apparently Spike likes to regularly beat Buffy after sex and she lies there miserably and takes it.

I am still traumatised!
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Endlessly is kind of the opposite of Sexuality in that it doesn't have a single kiss in it...

Right click and save

Please let me know what you think :)


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