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Top Five Lexana moments for quasiexistent )

My top five Clex and Chlark for iliana_1 )

Spuffy was totally the hardest because it just felt wrong now to have Intervention kiss, Touched cuddling, or Chosen flaming hands. There are just so many Spuffy moments that I adore...

Top five Spuffy moments for duskwillow, and top five Smallville episodes )

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Everyone else has probably already seen this, but squee I just found it. Dean and Lee protesting together. Awww...



I was so disappointed that the Beecher/Ryan friendship was later dropped almost completely for Beecher's friendship with Said, and Ryan looking after Cyril. It was one of my favourite parts of season 1. I think it was the only time that season 1 Ryan wasn't working an angle, at least once they had got part their first meeting anyway. Ryan seemed to genuinally just enjoy hanging out with Beecher and getting high together. Ryan turning away from Beecher at the talent show out of respect *loves* They were cute friends in their total opposites way

And SV fans have all seen a certain cap from the Fracture trailer, right? *bounces*

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I wonder how Al Gough will answer my question to him now *g*
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Smallville directors cut spoilers

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Michael defends Lex. From the Lex thread at FF, posted by laptiterousse:

at a moment, he came in the forefront and started a monologue because the audience booed when they talked about lana and lex. so michael stood up and started defending his character, saying it wasn't his fault if he's mean... and that it's clark the liar !!!

And laptiterousse managed to film his passionate defense of Lex :D Hee, he's so adorable
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I tire of being pissed on by A&M, and being asked to do a fucking rain dance over it. And I tire of shippers coming to a LEXANA fan board to make stupid brain-dead remarks.

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*tries not to cry*
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Crimson opinions, many shallow opinions

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I found the final scene in Rage too heavy-handed.

Was anyone else bothered by the believability of it?
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Oh my, it's like old times

I really would like to know, where did TPTB get the idea that the Smallville fandom actually cares or would even enjoy a Lexana relationship.

The serial killers and ppl that write to prisoners that watch this show it's all I can think of

David Fury? Is that you? :P

I ventured into Steven DeKnight's blog for Wither, and I'm still trying to figure out how to defend "the psychotic pedophole Lex".

MySpace is a crazy place. So far someone made a comment about the one of two Lexana fans making an appearance, and I said 4 (I was the fourth), and then it appeared right underneath their comment (as opposed to after 2 and 3) which just looked weird. But anyway

And ooh apparently Chloe is out to destroy Lana, and Lex spiked Lana's punch with roofies to make her appear happy to be with him *reads on*

ETA Hee, Steven DeKnight just posted I don’t usually respond negatively to you guys, but come on. That’s just too big a slice of the crazy cake for me.
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Spoilers for Wither

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I've seen Wither now, and I just started crying during a certain scene (happy tears!) It was so beautiful and perfect *watches over and over*

There's lots about the episode I loved, and I will write more later on when I've recovered. I just love my show *sniffs*
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UK ratings for Smallville

Lexmas did miles better than every other episode. I guess we just love the Lex episodes :D
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On second thoughts, I'm sorry to waste peoples times, but I'm not having a filter after all. I defriended the person I was creating a filter for instead. After just seeing what was said about me, I don't need that crap. I am insulted.

I am posting the crappy lexana video I made a while back. I know it's not very good, but there it is. Unfiltered. Yay me :P

How Does It Feel
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Well I've just been told that this is our final warning, and if we want to post about lexana, we will lose friends over it

So on that note, comment here if you would like to be on my filter I'll be making today for lexana
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Er what happened to kryptonsite? Episode discussion would have up to 7 pages. Now the last two episodes only have 2 or 3 pages?

And now more people on my flist are saying they like Lana more now, and are enjoying the lexana. Yay, does that mean more lexana fic will be written? *hopeful*

So sad I haven't seen the episode yet :/
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Can anyone recommend any good lexana fic?
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Apparently the deleted scene from Scare would have had Lex marrying his mother, and the lexana sides were put out to throw people off. They rehired the Lillian actress and filmed it. Hmm, I guess after Bound they really were going with the Lex wanting to be with his mother. Maybe the network stepped in?

Hee, so much for fan speculation that it was changed because TPTB responded to the Lexana outrage :p


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