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Give me a character and I'll tell you:

Why I like them

Why I don't

Favourite Season:

Favorite episode:

Favourite Line:

Favorite outfit:



Unpopular opinion:

A wish:

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen:
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Steven Moffat Denies John Barrowman's Hint That He's Holding Up More Torchwood

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Well this all seems a bit awkward! I'm not John Barrowman's biggest fan frankly, but I can understand why he's so frustrated at the BBC seeming to have forgotten Torchwood. It always seemed to do very well in the ratings, so it is a bit puzzling why they just stopped making it. Blaming Steven Moffat is a stretch through, it seems more likely to be because Chris Chibnall and Russell T. Davis have other stuff going on now, and they were the original executive producers?
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Give me a fandom and I'll give you, either in the comments or in a separate post, five unpopular opinions for that particular fandom.
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I've skipped the latest series of TW, so I really can't comment on Miracle Day, BUT I have some thoughts to share anyway! *g*

Okay series one was very rough in parts, but series two had some really good episodes and at the time people were happily agreeing that TW was taking a turn for the better, the characters worked more as a team, and the show was more consistent. But then Children Of Earth aired and there seemed to be this general dismissal of all of former TW as being a bit of silly crack in comparison.

But the closest to outright comedy in series two came with Gwen's wedding episode (which I loved anyway) and perhaps the intro episode with Captain John, otherwise it had just as many powerful storylines with Sleeper, To The Last Man, Adrift etc, and dealt with the death of Owen as well in several episodes. Even Fragments explored the really depressing reasons that the team got recruited into TW with Tosh locked up, Owen losing his wife and so on. And hey, going back a little further, I thought They Keep Killing Susie was incredibly depressing what with the discussion of their being no afterlife, and Jack blaming Torchwood for people dying. Or Countryside with the human beings being the monsters

I'd agree that the finales for series 1 and 2 were both a bit O/T and badly done, but otherwise I'm just not sure why Children Of Earth (and later Miracle Day) suddenly became a time for people to start talking about ~serious drama~, and dismissing the earlier seasons as being somehow lesser and just this big ball of cheese? That's not how I remember them at any rate...
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Thanks to [ profile] sueworld2003 for finding these, new BTS pics have been released with James from Torchwood!


And more here:
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There's (possibly?) going to be a US remake of Torchwood to air on the FOX network
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Hopefully this doesn't come across as my justifying the behaviour towards James Moran because that's NOT what I'm trying to say. But I'm really curious as to why everyone is repeating as fact that James Moran and his family have received death threats over Torchwood. In his comment on the fans he actually says

Telling me I hate the fans, that I'm laughing at them, that I used them, that I'm slapping people in the face, that I've "killed" the show, that I'm a homophobe, that I want to turn the fanbase away and court new, "cooler" viewers, even that I'm hurting depressed people with dark storylines. Asking me to pass on vitriolic, hateful messages to people I love and respect.

I take it from that that it was mostly angry and hysterical people swearing at him, and most insulting to him was the fans expecting him to share their hate with RTD when he works with the man (which classy), but I think it's all getting a bit overblown just so people can say that batshit shippers now want the writers dead. I mean where does anyone get death threats from that?

Someone in a TW community actually openly boasted of telling James Moran that RTD is a cunt. But when I read that comment? It doesn't even surprise me, and it didn't surprise me that said person would consider that fandom would find that a perfectly acceptable comment to share. DW fandom and TW fandom are always spewing hatred for RTD. Just check the fandom wank entries for things like Rose's return, and people say absolutely vile things about RTD. It's not just his work that's attacked, he is attacked as a person too, and there's most of fandom cheering them on. And people wonder why there's now this mentality of attacking the writers childishly when things don't go your way

RTD has been fandoms scapegoat for a loooong time now, and I only hope that he doesn't get insulted at comic con. Although apparently I'm in the minority with that :/
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His co star Freema Agyeman has revealed to The Sun that John regularly wanders the set with his manhood exposed to all and sundry.

“John will walk about with his chap hanging out, having conversations with people,” Freema said.

Am I the only one that doesn't find those stories cute, but actually pretty distasteful? Everyone else in fandom seems to find it endearing that John Barrowman likes waving it about at work, but it's starting to put me off him a bit :/
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Eeeeeee! If anyone hasn't seen it yet, there's hot hot hot pics from the Torchwood convention of John and Gareth snogging a few times!



And so many more pics here!!

All of this really makes me want to visit the next Torchwood convention! And I hope they film a hot Janto sex scene next year :D
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James Marsters to appear on Torchwood!

And considering it's Torchwood, what are the odds that he will be playing a bisexual character, and the character will be flirting with Captain Jack. Very good indeed I'd say *dances*
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John Barrowman interview

You got to kiss him, though. Do you get to kiss David in the new series?

Well, if I told you that I would be breaking protocol wouldn't I? Russell would probably slap my wrist – or my ass!

Hee, that makes me think of Ianto saying "That's sexual harassment, Sir" *giggles* And Jack sooo has to kiss the Doctor again, I mean he's been so desperate devoted that he even keeps the hand...

And sqeeeee!

You find out a huge amount about him, including a huge secret that you could never ever possibly imagine. When you discover what it is, your jaw will actually hit the floor! I jumped around the room when I read the script. Then I ran into David's trailer screaming, "Oh my God!"
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Oh Torchwood. Now those were some sexy episodes *pleased* Really if the entire show just consisted of Jack kissing people, it would still be worth watching

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I noticed some irritation in a Torchwood comm when the episode was called They Keep Killing Suzie, but people pointed out they can't do much about the title of the episode itself being spoilery.

Do people think that titles themselves should be spoiler cut if they are spoilery enough to reveal that a certain character is coming back?

I never saw that episode in the end because I tuned in wednesday at 10pm, and it was on at 9pm :/
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Torchwood was so brilliant, easily the best episode so far!

I couldn't stop crying though, sooooo sad :/


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