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I found that season 8 really doesn't reach the heights of previous seasons, it plays it very safe in comparison to all the high-concept episodes from seasons 5, 6, and 7 like PWP, Triangle, X-Cops etc, but at the same time it is more consistent in a lot of ways, and it does do a better job of returning to the darker feel of the early years than season 7 ever managed. And of course it makes sense that there would be such a big effort to return to traditional X-Files, what with Mulder being missing and audiences needing reassuring that it's still basically the same show. I did absolutely love the first two episodes, they really did have the epic scope of a feature film with the filming out in the desert, and the helicopters! They would be among my top five episodes of the season in fact, alongside Roadrunners (the slug episode), Medusa (the subway episode), and Vienen (the black oil episode)

I heard a lot of fans suggest that David was phoning it in in season 7, but I never particularly noticed it then, whereas in season 8 it really did stand out to me at times that he was coming across as noticeably bored and did not seem to want to be there :( Incidentally I did wonder early on why they were using David for such few scenes in the episodes where he did appear, most of his early appearances consisted of five minutes or less per episode. On the commentary for DeadAlive Frank Spotnitz explains that was because there was an agreement to only use David for a strictly limited number of days. He admits that it was frustrating sometimes the amount of money they were paying just to have Mulder lying in bed all episode, or only be glimpsed at the very end of an episode. I read on-line that apparently David Duchovny told TV Guide Online that he thought Mulder's final episodes in season 8 were a lost opportunity, and he wasn't happy that the focus wasn't fully back on Mulder and Scully, but I'm not sure what else he expected when his screen time was so restricted?

I felt like the show was pretty cautious about treating Scully and Doggett as the new team early on, the show seemed more interested in exploring Doggett as an individual, but there weren't really a lot of episodes focused on them as a partnership. (i.e Scully is barely in Via Negativa, The Gift, or Redrum, and the Scully-focused episode Roadrunners has very little Doggett in it). But then it probably was a wise decision because, while episodes that separated Mulder and Scully were usually among my least favourite, I found it the opposite with Doggett. His most interesting episodes for me were the more character-centric episodes focusing on just him, or the mythology-based ones, whereas the most boring episodes of season 8 were the stretch which treated Doggett and Scully as the new Mulder and Scully. The show suffered the most from David's absence when they tried to return to that straight-forward MotW format IMO. Season 8 would have been stronger if they had done a longer run of mytharc episodes focusing on the search for Mulder, the MotW episodes didn't work without Mulder around to make wisecracks, Doggett and Scully are so serious and professional together that they just can't replicate that chemistry.

Oh and I'd heard about the infamous episode with the man that crawls in and out of people's butts in Badlaa, and umm yeah that was an interesting episode. John Shiban mentions that his original idea was for the MotW to crawl inside people's ears, and it was Chris Carter suggestion for it to crawl inside asses instead....

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I was reading that apparently Amor Fati was written when Chris Carter and David Duchovny weren't speaking, so they both wrote their their half by themselves, and then Chris Carter merged them. Seems like an awkward way to co-write an episode! My main comment on this episode would be that the dream of an ordinary suburban life made no character sense for Mulder, it was Scully in season 6 that asked Mulder if he ever wants a normal life, and he's the one to respond that, "this is a normal life", so what exactly was CSM supposed to be tempting him with here? The only part I could see tempting Mulder would be getting to see Samantha again, but living in the suburbs with Fowley? Living next door to CSM? That made NO sense when Mulder has never seemed the least bit conflicted about his life choices, he never wanted to do anything but chase aliens and look into the paranormal

Hungry and Millennium were both pretty good, you can really tell that they're trying to get back to the darker and more traditional episodes at the beginning of this year. And finally Mulder and Scully kiss :D I know there's speculation about whether Millennium was their first kiss or not, but I always felt like it was just based on how Mulder was obviously hesitating a bit at first, and then the looks they give one another afterwards. It just feels like a first kiss to me :shrugs:

Rush was the first episode in season 7 to disappoint me unfortunately. I mean it was okay, it's watchable enough, but it just feels like such an unambitious attempt to ~get back to basics~ Also I'm really not a fan of the episodes where Mulder and Scully barely play any role in resolving the plot, it reminds me of what I disliked about The Walk back in season 3

I really enjoyed The Goldberg Variation, the main guest actor was perfect for the role, and it was just a really charming and whimsical episode. This one, and The Rain King, are my favourite episodes by Jeffrey Bell. I enjoyed The Amaing Meleeni a lot as well, it really comes across how much fun David and Gillian were having with those episodes

And hmm with Orison do people generally feel like Donnie Pfaster turns into a literal demon or not? I always thought that the scene in the graveyard was supposed to be similar to the one in Irresistible with Scully just imagining seeing a demon because of how she sees his true nature, but reviews I've read seem to see it as the sequel letting down the original episode by making him a literal demon and no longer a man?

And it's really starting to get tiresome that, whenever Scully's the one with a more out there theory, Mulder immediately has to dismiss it. It feels like a pretty lazy way of bringing in their usual skeptic and believer conflict, he would have been all over it if some random person on a case believed that they were being haunted by a song, but with Scully he near enough rolls his eyes at her

And Scully's rather severe new haircut is going to distract me for the rest of the season, I hate this haircut of hers /shallow

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Name an episode (or episodes, as many as you like) from one of the following shows and I will tell you the following about it.

Buffy, Doctor Who, Farscape, X-Files

What I like about it.

What I don't like about it.

Favorite line.

Best performance.

A scene/idea from it that's particularly interesting to me.

Something I would have changed to make the episode better.
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I of course absolutely loved Drive, episodes by Vince Gillian are nearly always a win for me. I believe the casting of Bryan Cranston in this episode was what made Vince think of him for Breaking Bad, and you can really see why when Bryan does such a great job with a deeply unsympathetic character, so that by the end you're really rooting for him to make it

I felt like Triangle was an episode that I should have liked more than I did. It was very well-done, you could tell that a lot of time and attention had gone into it, but it all felt a bit too much of a directors and actors exercise to me quite honestly. The whole deal with all of the actors playing different 40's versions of themselves idk, it just all felt a bit self-indulgent and cheesy at times. It was very wacky time travel with Nazi's and terrible accents, but it just didn't feel like much of an X-File to me. Maybe I needed to be in a certain mood to enjoy it. I did like the ending scene though, and the kiss of course :P

And I hate to say it, but I wasn't crazy about Dreamland either :( That was another case where I couldn't help feeling like it was more about thinking up something different for the actors to do six years in, so they had the body-switch and the jumping around in front of the mirror. I normally like the funny episodes, but this just felt too much like a sitcom. It also felt way too padded-out for a two-partner, and I'm sorry, but they made Scully look like a complete dumbass! Normally I don't have as many issues as some do with her always sticking to the scientific answer first and being skeptical, but it made NO sense here for her to not listen to "Fletcher" about the body swap when she was dealing with a "Mulder" who was slapping her on the ass, turning her in to their superiors and insisting that they need to do everything by the book, and saying, "Don't worry your pretty little head about it, little lady". COME ON! Yeah she acknowledged that he was "acting bizarre", but when she had "Fletcher's" explanation right there for what was really going on, it made no sense for to not take him more seriously

The Ghosts That Stole Christmas is one of my favourites, it was actually pretty creepy in the beginning when they're exploring the haunted house, and LOL at David Duchovny's line reading of, "How embarrassing" when Scully realizes that one of the corpses is wearing her outfit. I just thought that it was a really clever and funny episode, I enjoyed the ghosts psychoanalysing Mulder and Scully's relationship, and how Scully's greatest joy in life is supposedly following Mulder around to prove him wrong :P My one very small niggle would be that Scully felt a bit out of character in the beginning when she was so jumpy in the haunted house

And this is probably a controversial opinion, but I really enjoyed Tbe Rain King too, I just thought that one had so many hilarious moments. Particularly Sheila's cry of 'Not his face', Scully's expression at hearing that Mulder is giving dating advice, Scully checking Mulder for concussion after the cow in the tornado, bringing back Mootz's leg as a romantic gesture, just loved all of it :D

For Arcadia they talk a bit on the DVDs about how surprised and gratified they were at fans embracing that episode, because they had so many production nightmares with it they were convinced that it was going to be seen as a dud. And yeah they don't always carry off the monster effects, but it was such a fun idea to have Mulder and Scully going undercover in suburbia that it all kind of worked anyway. I do think it's a bit overrated by fandom though, it was a fun episode, but I would never include it as one of the greats personally

Monday however is an absolute classic. Monday's use of the timeloop kind of reminded me of Vince Gilligan's previous episode Folie á Deux (office work transforming people into zombies), when it came to imagining hell as a working day with endless meetings that never end. Note that even when the time-loop is finally over, it still ends on the implication that Tuesday isn't going to be all that different a working day, the day opens in the exact same way, and Mulder then gets the call from Scully about needing to turn in a report to Skinner. Buffy's use of the time loop to represent working life was similar as well actually, in Life Serial Buffy has to go through the same depressing routine with the same customer again and again. “Don’t you see?” “We’re all in hell. I’m the only one who knows it.” It definitely resonated with me lol

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Urgh sorry to have been so MIA lately, I know that I've been terrible with commenting and keeping up with my flist, we've just been having so much internet trouble still :( It went back off-line again for a while, and TalkTalk are coming back on Wednesday to take another look at the router :sighs:

Anyway! I finished season 5 of The X-Files! :D I enjoyed the number of stand-out episodes that year, you could really tell that they were having fun playing around with the format. I guess my only quibble would be that it didn't feel all cohesive as a season, it's one I enjoy more for random one-off episodes, rather than really coming together as a season to binge-watch. They could have made Mulder's lack of belief in aliens more of a throughline for the season IMO, it was interesting to see him become just as dogmatic and stubborn about not believing in the possibility of aliens in Patient X, but the show only ever brought it up in that two-parter (well other than the one off-hand mention in The Post-Modern Prometheus I guess). It could have been kind of a cool turnaround to have an entire season of this slightly bitter Mulder being sceptical about other supernatural phenomenon, and Scully having to be more open-minded to make up for it, but the show never seemed interested in going against the status quo too much with their characters, so Mulder's new (lack of) belief system is only ever an issue in the mythology two-parter sadly

And I'm sorry, but I thought that Redux was a truly terrible start to the year. It's like Chris Carter thought that he was writing a novel instead of a television episode, it's practically all told in voice-overs by Mulder or Scully throughout the entire hour?!? And even when there was a dialogue between two characters (Mulder and military guy) it seemed to go on forever. I'm genuinally shocked at how boring this was for a season premiere, it could have easily been condensed down into one episode, *nothing* happened in the first half. And it's frustrating because Part 2 was actually really great and a ton of stuff happens, so I don't know why they couldn't have condensed it down into one episode, that way they could have had a kick-ass premiere. There were a ton of really powerful moments with Scully and Mulder in the hospital (major aww at Mulder's, "I'm only half dead" <3 ),and then everything with CSM and Samantha

Detour was really fun! I especially enjoyed the idea of Mulder and Scully at a “teamwork seminar“ lol, I loved how they tied back in with that later when Mulder and Scully build a tower of bodies to escape from the hole *g* I liked how it felt like a classic old-fashioned monster tale amidst all of the new things that they were trying that year, and it's just a really fun episode for Mulder/Scully interaction too, it reminded me a lot of earlier episodes like Darkness Falls and Quagmire. Gotta love that moment when Mulder takes the first opportunity to run into the forest, and Scully looks so amused when she starts following him *g*

And then The Post-Modern Prometheus is one of my favourites of course. I just kind of let myself get swept along with the more troublesome implications of the script frankly lol, because the whole episode is structured as such a fairy-tale anyway, and it has one of the best endings of the entire series <3

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To be honest I'm not sure quite what to make of Never Again. I think that it was a really interesting idea for an episode to take a closer look at Scully's character and how Mulder's quest has overtaken her life as well, it's the kind of examination of the central character that we expect in shows this days as a matter of course, but I'm not sure it really works as an X-File? Shows today would generally build up to a development like this over several weeks, making sure that Scully's complaints feel organic and we understand where she's coming from, obviously that was never going to happen in a 1990's episode of the X-Files, so instead it feels a little too random for Scully to suddenly come up with all of these frustrations with Mulder out of the blue. Certainly interesting, but with no real groundwork for us to understand why she is suddenly so sick of her life. I've loved past examples of episodes taking a closer look at the main characters, but I'm inclined to say this one is an awkward fit in the context of the show, it's all about Scully expressing her frustration with the current state of her life, and yet we know that it's never going to get followed up on or even mentioned again. I guess you can fanwank it as being part of the cancer arc and Scully reevaluating her life because of that, but the diagnosis is never brought up in this episode (it was apparently intended to air earlier in the season), so it never actually comes across as that being the case idk

I found the episode a bit slow and draggy in parts too tbh, it felt like Scully's ~walk on the wild side~ should have been more exciting than it ultimately was, and it says a lot about CC's view of the character that he reportedly insisted on any potential sex scene being completely cut out, even though the writers have talked about how they (and Gillian) had been excited to create a steamy sex scene for her character in this one. (Complete sidenote, but it did strike me as funny on this watch that the X-Files was the opposite of most shows in that it took pains to never sexualise the main female character, yet Mulder and Skinner are shown shirtless in quite a few gratuitous shots over the years! It really stood out to me just how often Skinner is shown with no shirt on when he's at home, or he'll be answering the door to Mulder in just a towel or something. And the show seemed to *really* like their scenes playing up Mulder being naked and vulnerable, whether it's Scully coming across him shivering in a bath, or she's putting him to bed in his boxers. And then there's the infamous red speedo shot from season 2 as well. Whereas Scully is pretty much always kept in the professional business suits...)

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Home really horrified me, especially when Mulder and Scully first come across the mother screaming under the bed. :is scarred for life: And then the ending :( :( :( It's one of the episodes that I have no recollection of watching before actually, so I'm not sure if it was ever shown on the BBC? Kim Manners did a fantastic directing job with really making it feel cinematic in the way that it was paying homage to old horror films. On this watch it's definitely standing out just how much the success of The X-Files owed to the directors and the cinematographers, it's become a bit of a cliché to say about tv episodes now, but many of them really do have the feel of a big-budget film this season. (And hmm in retrospect that kind of epic we're doing this like a feature film feel was missing from season 10. Apparently all of the writers directed their own episodes, but they should really have brought back some of the original directors)

I liked how Home was so creepy partly because it was all about deconstructing the dark underbelly of this idealised vision of life in a small town/wanting things to stay the same. Even Mulder got nostalgic about wanting to live somewhere like that, but then you get the Peacock's determination to procreate and stay ~within the family~ as a reminder that romanticising the past isn't necessarily a good thing. I especially loved how they juxtaposed the old-fashioned music that the Peacock's car played with the brutal killings that they were carrying out to protect their way of life

One question I did have was that it wasn't very clear to me why the baby was being buried in the opening teaser though (and the alternative audio makes it clear that it was intended for the baby to still be alive when they buried it). Umm this was clearly not a family that cared about genetic mutations, and they were obviously upset and wanting to continue the family lineage, so why would they bury the baby at that stage?

The Blu-Rays include a deleted scene from Home that's a cute little moment, but heh I can see why they lost it. Maybe I'm wrong, but it kind of felt more like David and Gillian ab-libbing than it did M/S, I just can't see them joking about Mulder's "pen light" like that

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I wasn't really a big fan of The Blessing Way tbh, it felt very typical Chris Carter with the looong monologues and all of the new age mysticism. It feels like the kind of thing that everyone would roll their eyes at CC for these days, but I guess that it worked for audiences more in the 90's, these days it feels really self-indulgent

Scully looking into the chip and (finally!) getting curious about her abduction and undergoing hypnotherapy was the more interesting part of the premiere for me, in fact there's a deleted scene with Scully and her family members talking which I would far rather have seen in the episode than the Mulder monologues *g* CSM and Skinner also got some pretty great scenes in both episodes, Paper Clip dealing more with the conspiracy was a lot more interesting than The Blessing Way for me, and who could forget, "This is where you pucker up and kiss my ass" <3

And then D.P.O was a pretty good MotW episode. Having Kim Manners there to direct really helped make a lot of the sequences stand out, the opening teaser was fantastic and very creepy, the lighting getting called down from the sky was another great moment, and the death of Jack Black's character

Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose was absolutely brilliant, but it's harder to think of what to say when you basically loved everything about an episode *g* I love all the comedy of course, especially the twist in the opening teaser when it's Mulder that gets thrown out for being the skeptic lmao. But also I loved what a tragic character study it was, Scully had some really touching scenes as she began to emphasise with Clyde and how meaningless everything seemed to him. I liked that it was an episode more from the PoV of Clyde Bruckman, so that you kind of saw Mulder and Scully through his eyes a little bit and emphasised with how disturbing he found the show's typical detachment to death

Sadly I wasn't crazy about the next run of episodes. They all felt competently done at least, but nothing particularly inspired either. The direction of The List was actually pretty scary and really made me jump in places, but the story itself felt kind of pointless in how little Mulder and Scully understood of the case in the end. I didn't understand what Chris Carter was trying to say with it anyway tbh, all the talk of reincarnation was pretty confusing when the episode seemed to be presenting it as a typical tale of a ghost seeking revenge after death, where does reincarnation come into that? It's not how I understand that concept at all.

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Feb. 23rd, 2016 04:55 pm
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Spoilers for the X-Files finale )

How would everyone rank the episodes?


Feb. 2nd, 2016 04:11 pm
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I've really been enjoying the new series of the X-Files, but episode 3 is without a doubt my favourite so far

Apparently it's been getting slammed quite a bit on facebook and twitter though, and it seems to be a real love it or hate it episode...Spoilers )

Next episode is looking pretty good too!

If I may nitpick for a moment though, I do think it was a mistake to change the order of episodes 2 and 4, from the trailer it looks like episode 4 is going to be addressing more that this is their first case they've taken back on since the re-opening of the X-Files (the clip of "We used too", and I think that Scully commenting on how she used to run in high heels is also from this episode?) I thought that was what was missing from the second episode, it felt a bit too abrupt to have them straight back on a case without acknowledging that it's been a while. Oh well, I can always watch in the original order on the DVD's anyway! (And David and Gillian have apparently been recording commentary for the DVD's, I do so hope that will include a commentary for this episode XD)

Also smashed worldwide records :D
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Which TV shows did you start watching in 2015?

I really need to get into more new shows, I don't think that I did pick up any new shows this year other than Daredevil! I'm currently watching The Vampire Diaries, The Good Wife, The Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars, Doctor Who (all pretty old now), and the only newish shows that I'm following are iZombie, Daredevil, and From Dusk Till Dawn. Otherwise most of my tv time goes to re-watching my DVDs of older shows

Oh and I am currently watching early seasons of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix! I watched season 1 a while ago and always meant to catch up with some more, then I subscribed to Netflix for Jessica Jones and found that HIMYM was on there as well, so I've just caught up with seasons 2 and 3.

Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't in 2015? Why?

I hate to say this because my flist has been so enthusiastic about this show and I really wanted to join in the squee, but...Jessica Jones :( It's not that I didn't like it at all, it was nice seeing so many different female characters on-screen for a start, but I just found that the episodes were really feeling like a misery slog after a bit. I was the most invested after the first episode actually, I really liked how that whole Noir vibe with the voice-overs reminded me a bit of Veronica Mars, and then the ending with Hope certainly left an impression, but as it went on I found myself struggling to get invested. I read this interesting article which I think that sums up a lot of what I was struggling with? 13 episodes of trying and failing to catch Kilgrave just doesn't appeal to me as much as shows that have individual episode cases, as well as the serialised element. The pacing was really dragging for me when it was all so serialised, I couldn't get through an episode without it starting to feel like a chore :( And David Tennant still doesn't do a lot for me

And I talked more about The 100 at the time, but I'm still not sure whether I will watch any more of that show or not

Which TV shows do you intend on checking out in 2016?

Amazon's "Man in the High Castle" is on my watch list at the moment, and The Originals, Luther, and Prison Break are all on my maybe list if I can find the time

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And please share this link so that more X-Files fans can find us :)

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I appreciated how much Gillian Anderson's pregnancy forced more serialisation on the show, Little Green Men, The Host, Sleepless, Duane Barry, Ascension, 3, and One Breath all seemed much more tied together than you usually get with the X-Files, and I get the feeling that the show would have returned to the status quo pretty soon after Little Green Men if not for having to work around Gillian's pregnancy and not having Scully available as a full-time partner for Mulder. I really enjoyed having several episodes early on with Mulder and Scully dealing with their loss of their partnership, and for me the show loses something when we get to Firewalker with Scully's abduction already being brushed over with just a couple of lines of concerned dialogue from Mulder, and there's barely any attempt to get Scully talking about her abduction and her feelings on it.

Scully's feelings barely seem to come up in the abduction arc really, it's all about Mulder falling apart over the possibility of losing her. I know that Scully had to be side-lined early on because of the actresses pregnancy, but the narrative did seem to shift hugely to focusing on Mulder as the lead character and Scully as there to support him. To be fair it would probably have been difficult to work around that with Gillian's limited availability, but the abduction arc certainly could have given Scully more to work with, you'd think that it would have been something that she would have wanted to look into upon her return, but there's never any mention of hypnotic regression therapy or ANYTHING for Scully to try and regain her lost memories of what happened to her after she was kidnapped and nearly died. Instead it's back to business as usual in the very next episode, and if there is any focus on her abduction, it's again more from Mulder's PoV with him worrying about her safety and whether she's ready to return to work. I know that's mostly a consequence of 90's television not wanting to be too serialised, but it is frustrating these days to watch characters just shrugging off such major events once the episode is over with, I wonder how The X-Files would have handled it if it was airing today for the first time?

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And is there anyone who would be able to advice me on html for a friending meme? I'm rubbish at things like that :sheepish: I've been thinking that it might be fun to have an X-Files friendship meme and see how many fans are still out there on LJ, especially now that we have brand-new episodes coming out next year, but I'm not sure how you set up the little box of questions that you can copy and paste :P
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Cool, looks like the slight wonkiness of LJ from the past few days has now been fixed! I think it was an issue that was just affecting people using the old LJ format? It was starting to bug me because the tracking feature was really messed-up for quite a few days, and I rely on that a lot of the time to keep on top of comments

And I've just finished my rewatch of X-Files season 1!

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David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson Begin Shooting 'X-Files' Reboot in Vancouver!

 photo tumblr_nppfhygvzr1t0f7cho2_400_zpsszej7j9z.jpg

 photo tumblr_nppfsdvhkl1t0f7cho1_500_zpsjfazhgm6.jpg

Tiny bit spoilery )

And there are TONS more pics at the link :D :D :D I really need to get started on a rewatch soon, I think I keep putting it off because rewatching the entire series seems so daunting though lol. What are the single favourite seasons that people would most recommend for rewatch? At the moment I'm thinking of going with season 3, 4, 5, and 6?

[Poll #2013603]
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The X-Files Is Officially Coming Back With David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

I feel a rewatch coming up!!!

And hmm "I think of it as a 13-year commercial break," Carter said in a statement. "The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories." It sounds like it's going to be six individual storylines (MoTW?), instead of being foused on the mythology? Very exciting, I hope they get Vince Gilligan back to write at least one of them :D
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‘The X-Files’ Revival Nears Greenlight At Fox; Network Eyes Short Order, Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny To Return

Fox is close to giving an official green-light to a revival of their iconic science fiction series, which originally aired between 1993 and 2002. Per sources, the network has settled on a “short-stack” order for the revival and while the exact size of the order is yet-to-be-determined, I’m told it will be less than ten episodes (though I can’t confirm the Daily Mail’s report that it will be six). It should be stressed, however, that talks with sister studio 20th Century Fox Television are still on-going.

As TVWise previously reported, the revival is aimed to close out the lingering storylines left by the series proper, which, much to the dismay of fans, were left unresolved by the second feature film I Want To Believe. I’m told that Fox landed on the “short order” for two reasons. The first being story requirements – a conclusion that execs came to after prolonged discussions with Chris Carter.

The second – and an equally important one – was scheduling. The feeling was that it would be easier for the always in demand Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny to schedule a block of time to shoot the revival with a short order. The duo, who were always committed to doing more X-Files, have, sources say, agreed to reprise their roles. It is understood than an offer has also gone out to Mitch Pileggi. Other key cast members will also return.

Still scheduling is a big factor – and one of the few remaining sticking points in getting an official pick up. The fact that Duchovny’s NBC drama Aquarius is an off-cycle Summer series helps, as does the fact that Gillian Anderson’s BBC series The Fall isn’t due to enter production on its just ordered third season until the end of this year. The hope is that production can get underway this Summer, but that is not certain at this stage.

Beyond the cast, Chris Carter is returning to the helm, will pen the scripts and will also serve as an executive producer on The X-Files revival. I have been unable to get a clear read on Frank Spotnitz’s involvement. Sources had indicated that having him return was Carter’s preference, but he recently committed to the third season of Tandem’s Crossing Lines, which is now filming in Europe.

An X-Files revival has been on the cards for months, with Fox finally confirming to reporters at the recent Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour that they were in talks for more X-Files. “Real progress” was made in the last month, after sources previous stated in January that Carter’s camp and Fox were “far apart” on terms. The new X-Files series follows in the footsteps of another key Fox franchise: 24 - which was successfully revived with 12 episode limited series Live Another Day.

It is hoped that the deal with the studio and other key players (including former members of the writing staff) will close soon and the X-Files revival will get that official green-light in the coming weeks. According to sources, Fox is aiming to make a “big announcement” just ahead of their upfront presentation in New York City this coming May. Representatives of both Fox and 20th Century Fox Television did not immediately respond to TVWise’s request for comment.
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Fight the Future has been re-released on Blu-ray. There is a special feature in it with the deleted bee kiss. Someone who's got a Blu-ray player has recorded it and put it on YouTube. It's not the blooper kiss either, it is soooo much hotter than that *faints*

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Doctor Who

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