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I suddenly decided to look up the Oz tumblr, and there was an event (a play or something?) which reunited a lot of the Oz cast. Including Lee and Chris! I had no idea until just now, so here's my beleted squeeing over the pics :D (thanks to for the pics)


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And there's also a video of them cuddling a little bit hee which is very cute
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The Oz reunion!!!!

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Reunion time!

It’s a reunion seven years in the making….

Lee Tergesen is reteaming with ex-Oz lover Chris Meloni in an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Tergesen is playing a deranged religious zealot suspected of murder. An SVU insider says you can expect “lots of sweaty interrogation scenes between Meloni and Tergesen.” Just like old times!

This will mark the first time Meloni and Tergesen have worked together since Oz went off the air in 2003.


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The Unpopular Fandom Opinion Meme

Name a fandom, and I'll give you at least three of my unpopular opinions related to that fandom.
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[Poll #1164592]

Mine has definitely got to be Beecher's fate. After Tom Fontana made such a big deal about wanting to make it so that all the prisoners belonged there, and avoid the cop-out of any of them being falsely convicted, I really hate that they would end Beecher's story in that way. Especially after how uplifting it could have been from season 5's dream. He had to take care of Holly! If anyone didn't deserve life in prison, it was Beecher :/
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Everyone else has probably already seen this, but squee I just found it. Dean and Lee protesting together. Awww...



I was so disappointed that the Beecher/Ryan friendship was later dropped almost completely for Beecher's friendship with Said, and Ryan looking after Cyril. It was one of my favourite parts of season 1. I think it was the only time that season 1 Ryan wasn't working an angle, at least once they had got part their first meeting anyway. Ryan seemed to genuinally just enjoy hanging out with Beecher and getting high together. Ryan turning away from Beecher at the talent show out of respect *loves* They were cute friends in their total opposites way

And SV fans have all seen a certain cap from the Fracture trailer, right? *bounces*

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I wonder how Al Gough will answer my question to him now *g*
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Really awesome interview with Tom Fontana on male sexuality in Oz. It mostly focuses on Beecher/Keller, and it's got a really cute pic of them too!;title;0

And here's some adorable quotes from Christopher Meloni :D

Christopher Meloni: (on fans reactions to Chris Keller in 'Oz')
The most letters that Tom Fontana ... received was when my character pissed in a bucket. Tom's like 'He's forced boys to give him blowjobs and twisted their heads off and they're worried about him peeing into the bucket?' Murder we can handle! Bodily functions cross the line! Lol I can so relate to that, seeing inmates on the toilet always used to gross me out far more than eyes being gouged out.

Christopher Meloni: (on Keller and Beecher's relationship in 'Oz')
You can never estimate what the strength of their love for each other is. All you can measure is the growth – or lack of growth – in their relationship. I mean Keller tried everything to win Beecher back. He murdered in bizarre attempts to get Toby to love him again, which just shows how confused he was about the whole [love] thing.

Christopher Meloni: (on what Chris Keller would give Tobias Beecher for their 10th anniversary)
A whole day at Helena Rubenstein spa and then a beating

Christopher Meloni: (on kissing Lee Tergeson in 'Oz')
I've kissed Lee twice. He's actually the first guy I've ever kissed. The first time I did it, it was actually a drunk, lusty kiss. That was easy to do, because it was a calculated plan on Keller, my character's, part. The second time I kissed him was sincere. It was out of feelings of love for this man. That was hard.... Both of us were trembling. The director came up and wanted to talk to us about the scene. We just said let us do it. We did it in one take.

Christopher Meloni: (on Keller's relationship with Sister Peter Marie in 'Oz')
How many opportunitues do you get to seduce a nun? Come on, wouldn’t everyone try and climb such a steep? I’ve always wanted to corrupt a nun. I’m Catholic for Christ’s sake.

Christopher Meloni: (on a happy ending for Beecher and Keller)
I'd have them break out of OZ together run and hide, assume new names and identities. Keller would run a laundromat and beecher would be a stay at home kinda wife.

Christopher Meloni (on kissing Connie Nelson in SVU)
Awesome - but don't tell my wife . . . or Lee Tergeson.

Christopher Meloni: (on why he did 'Oz'.)
I wanted to do it because it was Tom Fontana and then later because it was Lee.
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My Oz DVDs arrive!!! Season 3 has Keller holding Beecher after the stabbing for the back cover, season 4 has B/K fighting on the back cover, and season 6 has their confrontation over the parole for the picture *happy*

I've already watched some special features, they have the original audition tapes, and both Adebesi and Said have English accents in RL *surprised* And Kathy Bates directed the wrestling of Beecher and Keller in season 2, with the shirts coming off in slow motion :P I did not know that before!

And okay, question. How come people like Keene and Cyril got the death penalty, and Adebesi cuts off someone's head, yet doesn't end up on death row too? But I suppose that, in some ways, the death penalty would be the better option over some of the prisoners being held in solitary for the rest of their life. That thought *really* depresses me :/

And I forgot how annoying McManus was! I hate hate hate how he acts all concerned for the prisoners, yet when Beecher gets out of the hole he's all "I know" when Beecher says that Schillinger had been raping him. Why the hell did McManus put Beecher in with Adebesi and Schillinger in the first place, when Beecher could have shared his pod with someone nicer like Ryan. (Well er relatively nice that is, but at least Ryan wasn't sadistic like those other two, and would have left Beecher alone!)

*cough* Is there any Ryan/Adebesi fic out there? *cough*

Watching season 1 classic Ryan (so weird to think that every death in season 1 traces back to him in some way!), I'm undecided about how I feel with where they took his character later on. I can understand why they wanted to introduce a younger brother to show that Ryan was capable of looking out for someone in his life, but they made annoying at times.

And Alvarez talking about pray for my baby, has to be the saddest scene from season 1 *sniffs* I love him! I think he's actually replaced Ryan as sexiest inmate for me. Beecher isn't as sexy as I remembered unfortunately, and then he will get all hairy in season 2 :/ I think he gets hot for me around the time that he shaves the beard off for the kiss with Keller. And season 4 Beecher I also have happy memories of :D
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In honour of the 10th anniversary of the first airing of Oz, if you see this post, goddamn quote Oz and yell it to the rooftops!

Keller: I'll see you.
Beecher: When?
Keller: Back here. Or in heaven.
Beecher: You really think we're gonna get into heaven?
Keller: Ah... you and me together? God doesn't have the balls to keep us out

I would buy the DVDs, if they ever get around to releasing a complete collection *sighs*


Dec. 2nd, 2005 08:25 pm
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Pick 5 of your OTPs and then list which specific moment made them your OTP.

1. Buffy/Spike 4ever! I first thought they'd be hot and a great ship during Out Of My Mind. Then I watched the end of Fool For Love, and haven't been the same since.

Spike looking at Buffy like the most adorable girl ever in Life Serial when she's getting drunk and taking on Jonathon, The snarking at one another from Older and Far Away.

The hand scene from Afterlife. When Buffy touches Spike's chest in Lesson, the church scene from Beneath You.

The sex in Smashed. Tabula Rasa kissing!!! The look of love from Showtime. The hand holding scene from Potential. The flaming hands from Chosen!

2. Clark/Lex I adore fic with those two. Plus they're so pretty and sexy, they just fit. Clark as the wide-eyed innocent who helps Lex get in touch with his feelings. Lex as the poor little rich poor who's all sophisticated, and introduces Clark to the wonders of sex with Lex. The way they'll always be a part of one anothers lifes, whether through love or hate.

Shipped them since the kiss on the bank of the river ;)

3. Beecher/Keller Because if you're going to write prison porn, that's the way to do it. The scene where Keller handcuffs Beecher and says he just wants Beecher to love him again. And Beecher's shaking and thinking Keller wants to kill him. The first time they wrestle together. The New Years kiss when they just wrap their arms around one another. I guess the kiss in the laundry room and the first, "I love you" is what hooked me. Especially when Beecher is just stood there absolutely stunned, with his mouth open, while Keller is beating up all the guards. Something about the contrast there *g* The New Years Kiss is my very favourite though.

4. Michael/Nikita They are the reason I can't get into the Alias ship with Sydney/Vaguan. All the times Michael and Nikita pulled guns on one another (shut up, you know it was hot!). Michael gradually becoming less sociopathic over the years, until he can finally admit his feelings and says he can't live without Nikita. Season 4 ending with Nikita saying she never loved him, and Michael is too well Michael to cry, so he cuts under his eye, and there's the blood tear. And I haven't seen the final season 5 yet, but I have heard about the scene where they stare at one another across the room. "I lied". "I know". Squeee! I shipped them from when they were forced by that guy to have sex, and Nikita starts dancing with the hat on.

And okay we all know Michael's confession to Nikita in the cage was a manipulation. But there was truth behind it, you know it! Borrowing this quote from, [ profile] svmadelyn

"I thought I was going to break, but I didn't. I thought of you. You're the only one of us who still has a soul. I'm sorry, Nikita. We'll never leave this place alive. *pause* I don't know what love is anymore. But the only part of me that's not dead is you."

5. Doctor/Rose It's all about the handporn. Oh and the Doctor putting Rose before the entire world in World War Three, and that long stare *dies* I also like the way Rose says, "My Doctor" The DW magazine has a great article on the Doctor, and how Rose was just what he needed to get back in touch with the world. They're just so happy together, running to explore the world hand-in- hand, with massive grins on their faces. And well there's that kiss.

Why do most of my ships have such sad endings...
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The premise is that Keller has just died. And Beecher goes mad with grief and becomes haunted by Keller. The jerky bits are his memories. And by the end of it Beecher is completely lost inside his own head, and memories are getting mixed up with his hallucinations of Keller.

Right click and save to watch
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Can anyone recommend any good Oz fan fic?


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