Feb. 9th, 2017

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I was reading that apparently Amor Fati was written when Chris Carter and David Duchovny weren't speaking, so they both wrote their their half by themselves, and then Chris Carter merged them. Seems like an awkward way to co-write an episode! My main comment on this episode would be that the dream of an ordinary suburban life made no character sense for Mulder, it was Scully in season 6 that asked Mulder if he ever wants a normal life, and he's the one to respond that, "this is a normal life", so what exactly was CSM supposed to be tempting him with here? The only part I could see tempting Mulder would be getting to see Samantha again, but living in the suburbs with Fowley? Living next door to CSM? That made NO sense when Mulder has never seemed the least bit conflicted about his life choices, he never wanted to do anything but chase aliens and look into the paranormal

Hungry and Millennium were both pretty good, you can really tell that they're trying to get back to the darker and more traditional episodes at the beginning of this year. And finally Mulder and Scully kiss :D I know there's speculation about whether Millennium was their first kiss or not, but I always felt like it was just based on how Mulder was obviously hesitating a bit at first, and then the looks they give one another afterwards. It just feels like a first kiss to me :shrugs:

Rush was the first episode in season 7 to disappoint me unfortunately. I mean it was okay, it's watchable enough, but it just feels like such an unambitious attempt to ~get back to basics~ Also I'm really not a fan of the episodes where Mulder and Scully barely play any role in resolving the plot, it reminds me of what I disliked about The Walk back in season 3

I really enjoyed The Goldberg Variation, the main guest actor was perfect for the role, and it was just a really charming and whimsical episode. This one, and The Rain King, are my favourite episodes by Jeffrey Bell. I enjoyed The Amaing Meleeni a lot as well, it really comes across how much fun David and Gillian were having with those episodes

And hmm with Orison do people generally feel like Donnie Pfaster turns into a literal demon or not? I always thought that the scene in the graveyard was supposed to be similar to the one in Irresistible with Scully just imagining seeing a demon because of how she sees his true nature, but reviews I've read seem to see it as the sequel letting down the original episode by making him a literal demon and no longer a man?

And it's really starting to get tiresome that, whenever Scully's the one with a more out there theory, Mulder immediately has to dismiss it. It feels like a pretty lazy way of bringing in their usual skeptic and believer conflict, he would have been all over it if some random person on a case believed that they were being haunted by a song, but with Scully he near enough rolls his eyes at her

And Scully's rather severe new haircut is going to distract me for the rest of the season, I hate this haircut of hers /shallow

And I really found Signs & Wonders quite offensive. Read more... )


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