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Just added some new friends from the recent friending meme, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better :)

And some films I've watched recently:

I really liked Red Dragon! It did take me a little while to get used to Edward Norton's Will Graham though, at first I didn't feel like he has that much presence in the role, but after a bit he started to grow on me. I actually found the 'tooth fairy' and the investigation into him the most interesting part of the film by far, Anthony Hopkin's Hannibal Lector just didn't make much of an impression on me this time around, nor was I particularly gripped by his interaction with Will Graham in the same way that I was with Hannibal and Clarice in the first two films. I guess that the film's Hannibal is just starting to feel a bit overplayed to me by now quite honestly, those scenes mostly just felt like they were redoing the same old shtick from the first films, the films Will and Hannibal definitely didn't have the same chemistry as Will and Hannibal do on the tv version *g*

It will be interesting to see how the tv series handles the Red Dragon plot, Hannibal appears in it so rarely that surely Mads is only going to get one or two scenes per episode for that plot? I guess that separating the season into two parts makes more sense in that case though, as then they can have a much heavier screen presence of Hannibal in the first half of season 3 while they explore his past, before letting Will take centre stage during Hannibal's imprisonment in the second half? Anyway I'm even more excited now to see how the tv series is going to handle the Red Dragon plot! I have to confess that I still haven't read the book, so I wasn't particularly clued-in to that part of the story, but now I am and it should be awesome to see the tv show's take on the "Tooth Fairy"!

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes )

Gone Girl (book and film) )

Under The Skin (book and film) )

And I'm currently reading Never Let Me Go which I'm enjoying so far, I'm planning to try and see the film for that next
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The Hunger Games I really liked! I always feel weird for feeling this, but actually I think though that the hunger games themselves are the least interesting part for me lol. I loved reading (or watching) about their society amd the politics and all the build-up to the games, but the games themselves sometimes kept my attention and sometimes not. Honestly I think they would have been been more interesting to me if there had been a lot more focus on Katniss having to take lives and be really bloodthirsty, and how much the experience of being the one victor would change her and not really feel like a victory at all. Instead there was never all that much focus on the magnitude of taking a life, it was more about surviving against the elements I felt? It was a well-put together film though that really compliments the books, I loved all the little touches they added like actually showing the rioting in Distract 11 and making President Snow a bigger presence. For once I may have actually liked the film more than the book! Peeta still didn't do much for me though tbh in the books or the film, I was always more into Gale and Katniss. I don't have any major ship though, I cared more about Katniss's connections with Haymich and Cinna then any love interest in the books, just if I had to throw my hat into the ring it would be for Gale/Katniss.

My favourite fan video for the film!:

The Cabin In The Woods )

The Iron Lady )

I'm taking a break from my Breaking Bad rewatch for the moment to catch up on some films and make the most out of my netflix subscription for the month, but I am planning to start season 3 soon. And after I've finished with my Breaking Bad rewatch some tv on netflix I'm torn between trying is White Collar, Heroes, Lost, Prison Break, or 24. Any recommendations? I'm leaning toward White Collar at the moment just because the other shows seem like really big time commitments lol, but we'll see. Actually the show I would really like to check out next is The Shield, it looks seriously amazing from what I've seen of it on the Breaking Bad DVD trailers, but of course that one isn't available on UK netflix grr


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