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Nikita has been renewed!!! (And The Carrie Diaries). Apparently Nikita will have a shorted final season, people are currently throwing around numbers of 6-10 episodes? I'm cool with that tbh if it means for a really tight and awesome final run with no more filler, although my preference would be for 12/13 episodes. I guess that it will be ten episodes though as that's what Gossip Girl got?

And umm I'm not sure what to make of the descriptions of the CW's new pilots...I didn't even know that Julie Plec was doing another show, I thought she would just be moving to TvD spin-off :confused:

Is anyone planning on watching any of them? Tragically I may end up watching the pilot for Star-Crossed just for Malese and for nostalgic memories of Roswell lol
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[Poll #1774719]

I'm always kind of torn between seasons 2 and 4 for my favourite, but at the moment I think my order of favourite seasons goes 2, 4, 3, 6, 5, 1

And squeee! AWESOME new promo for Nikita I have to confess that last season, while I was impressed that they resolved the UST as early as they did, I found myself secretly missing the confontations between Mikita and not feeling that they had the same spark after getting together. They were fine and cute enough, but at the same time something was missing for me quite honestly. But they come off as super adorable and hot AND kickass in that promo :D And Alex! Amanda! :can't wait for season 2:
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Supernatural 604 )

Supernatural 606 )

Nikita 106 and 107 )
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The Vampire Diaries 204 )

And how bad-ass does next weeks trailer look!!!!

And Nikita I'm still enjoying, but LOL at Michael's attempts to hit the bag when he had zero power behind his punch. It reminded me of the Buffy/Giles scene from Once More With Feeling with SMG punching the bag. Not too convincing!
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The Vampire Diaries 202 )

What a fantastic trailer! I've gone from not caring at all about the warewolf storyline to being pretty excited for it

Nikita 102 )

Gossip Girl 402 )

And this is what comic book Chloe will look like apparently...

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Nikita )

The new SPN trailer looks beyond awesome!!!

And I've changed my mood theme to a Beecher/Keller one :D
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What do Nikita fans think of the trailer for the new Nikita show they're doing?


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