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The last few episodes of Alias season 1 were awesome! I think Will is now my favourite character. When Sydney was shooting all the bad guys, and he was just shaking next to her. Aww. I'm definitely starting to ship those two. I've picked up enough spoilers to know that they're not the couple who get together :/ But do they ever get another kiss?

I loved Sloanne telling his wife about SD-6, with just the music playing as we watch their facial expressions. It was so touching when he was struggling with her illness and the pressure from the alliance.

And when Jack rescues Will from the torture, and doesn't know how to respond to Will hugging him. Hee! I love Jack assuring Will he wouldn't send him anywhere if he thought the odds were in favour of your murder, and how comforted Will isn't by that.

Even Vaguan (sp?) amused me. Okay, mostly laughing at his dumb expressions as the water was rushing at him

So the prophecy thing, it was Sydney's mother than, yes?
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I've started watching Alias. Seen up to the two-parter. Jack and Sydney are my favourite characters so far. The bland and ummemorable love interest is my least favourite. I'm not really shipping Sydney/Will either, but damn at least he has a personality, and his voice doesn't send me to sleep. The Vaguan (sp?) actor can't really act can he?

Oh I like the head of SD-6. When he was laughing about "the box", that was cool.


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