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I am so SICK of the pettiness in SV fandom. It doesn't make you look anything but unbalanced to troll peoples LJ's and abuse them, just because they don't like the same actress and character that you do!

And there's a poll for who Clark should be with BTW, please vote Chlark if you're into that ship *g*
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Well I haven't had a poll in a while, so...

[Poll #735625]
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OG: A recent episode had Clark worried about how his powers might hurt Lana when they have sex. Shouldn't that issue have come up earlier in the show when he was having sex with Lex Luthor?

AG: [Long laugh.] Yeah, you know, perhaps.

OG: That's more than I thought I'd get out of you.

AG: [Laughs.] ...with the gay subtext.

Hee! I love Omar.

And people were discussing the old Spirit recap, and although I think it was extreme in that Clark hadn't exactly led Chloe on, I still love this part

Lana looks content against Clark's chest. He doesn't give shit one about Chloe, and when he becomes Superman, he's still going to be the Superman who fucked with Chloe's feelings for four years...So choke on that shit, Superman. I hope Batman kicks your ass someday.

And lol some more to his latest recap's response to Lois Oh, yeah. She's going to make an awesome Real Lois Lane. I can't fucking wait has just been set up for the Chlois letter writing campaign :)


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