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:eyes little hearts suspiciously: This all seems rather strange to me, and I know that a lot of my flit is against it. What seems odd is that apparently you don't even get a notification of which user liked your entry, LJ just tells you that someone did? So it's not even a lazy way of acknowledging that you read an entry, but just had nothing to say. The user won't know that you were the particular user that liked their entry (from what I understand anyway?), so what exactly is the point of it?!?

It does lead rather nicely into more of my thoughts on Black Mirror though, so there is that *g*

Nosedive )

Playtest )

San Junipero )

Men Against Fire )

Hated In The Nation )

I think I would rate the episodes:

1. 'Shut Up And Dance'

2. 'San Junipero'

3. 'Nosedive'

4. 'Hated In The Nation'

5. 'Men Against Fire'

6. 'Playtest'
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I've never watched Black Mirror before, but I read some hype for how harrowing and powerful episode three is, and so I thought that I'd give it a shot out of order as every episode is apparently self-contained

Shut Up And Dance )

It was all horribly sordid and depressing really, I can't stop thinking about the ending and feeling traumatised. I'm curious to check out some more episodes definitely, but I think that I need to take a break first!


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