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Thoughts after my rewatch of American Gothic


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I couldn't resist, and I brought American Gothic on DVD!!! I ripped the deleted scenes, just right click and save to watch

Pilot is an extended version of the scene in the episode where we see Selena and Lucas at the school. The extended bit is Lucas and the little boy talking.

To Hell And Back is an extended scene of Gail and Caleb talking about that guy next door.

Ring Of Fire has a scene with Gail/Caleb discussing not trusting Lucas. And also two scenes of Selena and Dr.Matt, from a deleted subplot

Dr.Death takes a holiday has a deleted scene with Billy at the hospital

Learning To Crawl has an adorable scene with Lucas and Caleb, that's an extended version of what we got in the episode, when Lucas first offers to take him fishing.

And a scene from the cabin with Lucas/Caleb/Selena, which seems to be the exact one we got in the episode to me, but I guess there's some new line somewhere or something...

Echo Of Your Last Goodbye has a deleted scene with Caleb at the school. And a Gail/Ben scene. Also the final Lucas/Ben confrontation, which plays out a little longer. I love those two together, it's too bad there isn't any fic out there slashing them *cough*

Triangle has a Lucas/Caleb scene at the hospital after Gail's suicide attempt, with another lesson on how to destroy people

The Buck Stops Here has a deleted Selena scene at the hospital. And my favourite deleted scene, which is an awesome Selena/Billy confrontation. I don't think they ever had a moment to end their relationship on screen, but this does pretty conclusively *g* It's after Billy's in prison for shooting Lucas.

Requiem has an extended scene from when Caleb and Selena plot the killing of Gail's baby
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Lucas/Gail video, as requested by [ profile] lastevens

Right click and save to watch, please
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I'm using my first American Gothic icons :D Kelex made them.

I know I'm the only person who ships Lucas/Selena more than Lucas/Gail, but that's okay *g*
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American Gothic DVDs will have over 45 minutes worth of extras!!!
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A picture of grown-up Caleb for those who are curious

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And Anthony Stewart Head will appear in at least one episode of Doctor Who's new series!
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Well hardly anyone on my flist watched American Gothic sadly. But I really hope at least some of you will give this video a chance, watch anyway, and leave feedback *begs*

It's about Caleb's battle between good and evil

Right click and save


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