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The trailer for an American Life On Mars?!? *struck dumb with horror* Who is this horrible beefy-looking American Sam Tylar?!? This is all wrong :/
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Questions about Life On Mars ending (and BTW I never expected to love it as much as I did. It was awesome!)

Okay so Maya was originally in danger when Sam went into the coma, and it's a big plot of the first episode that Sam manages to catch the serial killer in 1973, and change the future in that respect.

I was expecting Sam, back in 2006, to look into what happened with Maya. And to check out whether Gene Hunt and Annie ever existed. But if he did do so, they never let the audience in on it :/ I find it hard to believe that the entire 1973 world was all just in Sam's head, especially as some of the stuff he didn't seem aware of (like questioning is heroin a new drug for example). He wouldn't have known that much in-depth about 1973 to think up an entire world like that.

I saw it as Sam being in a coma, and actually being in 1973 for real at the same time. I'm not sure how that would work, but it's what makes the most sense to me... Although the episode where Sam is OD'ing, sees the case come together through the television, and finding out in the end that it really did happen that way, doesn't quite fit with that. Just because of the info that Sam didn't have (like the father being a photographer), so it's hard to see how he could have pictured the case being solved correcetly, unless the 1973 world was all in his head. I'm so confused!

I wondered if Sam had even woken up though, because it seemed a bit strange for him to just walk out of the hospital/go back to work, after having been in a coma for months, and going through brain surgery.
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I've finished the first season of Life On Mars, and Sam is so adorable!!!!! I love him and Gene so much. I think Sam really needs someone like Gene to just be like "Don't be such a jessie" and drag him off to the pub, when Sam is coming over all emo over wanting to go home *g*

And Annie is sweet, I really liked the moment when she stops Sam from jumping in the first episode. But then their relationship seemed to get very downplayed in favour of Sam/Gene bonding, so I don't really ship them much at the moment. Sam/Gene is way cooler anyway *g* From Gene always beating Sam up/slamming him into walls (aww), to them suddenly having synchronized punches, and just looking at one another before leaping over the desk at the same time *squees*

My favourite episode so far is the one with Warren. I was not expecting that twist *sniffs* Poor Sam. And I loved Gene being so understanding over it, and Ray being the one to goad Sam this time instead. Then Sam and Gene learning one anothers tactics, from Sam locking the suspect in the giant fridge, to Gene deciding enough is enough, and the walk through the club together to get Warren *dies* So awesome! Plus it had Annie and Gene discover Sam cuffed to the bed :P Not forgetting Sam and Gene's dancing!

Poor John Simms though, having to appear in every single scene o_0 It definitely makes the show better though because there's none of the annoying filler you usually want to f-f, it's all Sam POV all the time *bounces*

And how creepy is the little girl with the clown! And the moment when Sam heard his Mum planning to switch off the life support, and was screaming he's still alive!

In conclusion, LoM is awesome, and John Simms needs to be in my bed


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