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I really need to start using my LJ more, I've always been very against letting this site die through inactivity, but I'm getting so lazy with updating this year. I just never seem to have the energy for long entries lately :(

Mostly I was very happy with the finale, but I do hope that they put the actual extended cut on the DVD/Blu-Ray, and not just seperate deleted scenes. I read that the original episode cut was 59 minutes, and I think the ending would have really benefited from a montage of Delena's lifes together, instead it was pretty rushed and confusing how it just jumped right to Elena and Damon in the afterlife (and looking exactly the same!), so you really don't get much of a sense of time passing, or that they did live long lives together. Those final ten minutes were certainly very affective though, especially Stefan's reunion with Lexi, and Elena seeing her parents and Jenna again

Both Elena and Katherine's appearances ended up feeling surprisingly anti-climatic to me in the end. I was really looking forward to Katherine turning up as the big villain to shake everything up, instead her scenes mostly consisted of snarking at Damon. I did like the mention that she was running Hell though, and had everyone wrapped around her finger as soon as she got there <3 But Idk, it didn't feel like she did a whole lot in this episode to make an impact, although her attempt to trick Damon as Elena one last time was cute heh.

And while it was good to see Elena again of course, a lot of her scenes ended up feeling pretty rushed too, particularly her 30 second reunion with Damon. After 622 hit me with all the feels when it came to Elena's relationships with the other characters, I guess I was expecting a little more when she does return and sees everyone again, instead some of those moments felt a bit like afterthoughts to me? (And she doesn't even get any kind of scene with Jeremy?) It felt like the finale was ultimately far more interested in the brothers relationship than it was in Elena. I can't say that I hated that mind you, that final Damon/Stefan hug definitely had me sobbing, and really all of their scenes together were very emotional and well-done.

Bonnie saying that she had somehow just figured out how to undo the spell was a pretty lame resolution to years of Elena being in a coma, I was expecting more of an explanation than that lol

And it's weird how little everyone on the show cares about Tyler, I've read interviews with Julie discussing how Stefan could never be redeemed after he killed Enzo, umm what about the scene with Damon killing someone who had been a childhood friend of most of the characters? It would have made more sense to me if the show had ended with Damon being the one to sacrifice himself, really bringing everything full-circle after he originally came to Mystic Falls to destroy it and made Stefan's life a misery, but I can see why they decided against that when so many viewers were invested in Delena getting a happy ending

Also Kevin Williamson was talking about how he wanted a Stelena ending, and they only couldn't do it because there wasn't enough time to build to it without having Nina for more episodes, but I don't see how they could have ever ended with Stelena anyway after the switch in seasons 4-7? Even when Elena lost her good memories of Damon back in season 6, there were still no hints that anything had changed regarding her feelings for Stefan, so it would have felt so random if the 8th season had started building towards Stelena again, the triangle was pretty much wrapped up after the first four seasons

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