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32 years old today eek! I don't even understand how that happened, in my head I'm still no older than 25 *g*

And what new shows are people thinking about trying this year? So far I'm the most excited about Gotham, this interview with the showrunner seems very promising

'Gotham' showrunner breaks silence, answers burning questions on Batman prequel -- EXCLUSIVE

And cool trailer!

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I passed my driving theory test today with 48 out of 50 :D I only just passed hazard perception by 3 points though lol, but at least I have a pass certifcate :D Now I need to start thinking about taking the practical test..
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It was so humid here last night that I didn't fall asleep until 6am in the morning

I love a sunny day, but I cannot sleep in these conditions at night so basically bring on the rain and thunderstorms at this point
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Er they came back for a second visit. She brought another lady with her this time. She read tons of the bible to me, and I kept smiling and nodding when she was saying what a fun experience it is. I didn't know how else to respond. Everytime she asked if I wanted to hear more, and I kept saying yes so as to be polite, and she would get really excited and be beaming away at me.

She says study the next chapter, she's sending more people round next week. I wanted to say something about not really being into it, but then I thought it would look rude to have been wasting her time when she was talking about it all for so long with me. I know it's rude for me to let them keep making wasted journies, and I should say I'm not going to become a Jehovah. I don't know how to do it politely though
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My toothache is getting so bad that I couldn't sleep last night. My filling fell out last monday, there's a huge hole. The dentist said it's infected, and after jabbing me with a needle five or six times decides I have to get the hospital to remove it. Who knows when the NHS will get me an appointment, and my gum feels so sore :/

It's throbbing! Poor poor me
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I think he's dead. I can hear mum crying on the phone. I think he's dead.


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