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So my ipad arrived yesterday (yay!) and I've already added some apps like wikipanion, kindle, bbc player, and a ton of free games. And I'm curious what other apps people can recommend, particularly for say news or weather? I was trying to find a good one for papers and there was a recommendation the NYTimes which I ended up d/l for some bizarre reason, before concluding that a British-based one might be more useful for me :P And I've d/l flipboard, but I haven't tried it out much yet. It seems to be aimed more at facebook and twitter users from what I can tell

Is is massive fun to play around with, and I'm so not regretting buying it :D The only issue so far has been that I was up until the early hours last night playing solitaire on it :dork: I did take a look at angry birds because it's supposed to be really popular, but I was left utterly confused at what I was meant to be doing? It's probably really easy I'm sure, but the version I d/l didn't come with any instructions...

Oh and I like iBooks so much more on ipad! I originally d/l iBooks for my ipod and it was okay for actual books, but I found it impossible to read pdf files on there as the text was so small. And whenever I tried to adjust it, it became more of an issue turning the pages for some reason. I've never really got on with having an ipod-sized screen for internet and reading, although I know it works for a lot of people. The iPad is just the right size for me :D
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I've changed my mind yet again. Instead of getting a kindle for my birthday, I've decided to buy the new ipad 2 :D

ibooks looks like it pretty much covers what a kindle does? Plus so many other cool features! I'm going to get it when it comes out as an early birthday present for myself :D

I do still want to get an iphone too, but I think I'll wait till next year for that one and get another years worth of use out of my ipod first (which was last years birthday present), don't want to get too self-indulgent :P
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I do own an ipod, but to be honest I'm getting kind of frustrated with having to rely on Wi-Fi, I can never seem to get a connection with it. I want to be able to check my email at work or in town, and it always seems to come up as no available connection :/

I've been thinking about maybe getting something else, but I'm torn between:

Samsung Galaxy It seems to get great reviews, and it will aparently play any media file (whereas all of my favourite video's on youtube can't be played on ipod boo)

iphone Which I'm leaning towards the most just cause it sounds really cool heh

Or ipad Idk it seems a bit bulky to carry around, but when it comes to internet browsing I'm not a big fan of squinting at a small screen so it might be better in that respect...

Anyone on my flist own any of them, and what are you thoughts on which would be worth buying?


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