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I absolutely loved Gilmore Girls, and was overall very happy with how it wrapped up. I particularly appreciated how much Edward Herrmann's death was paid tribute too, and that all four episodes kept referencing how much Richard was missed. It was tied up in such a lovely way too with Emily kissing his portrait, and Rory sitting down at his desk full of nostalgic memories from her grandparents house

And heh, I loved the running gags, like Luke not understanding how surrogacy works, or Rory attempting to tap dance her troubles away

Emily was one of my favourite parts of the revival, particularly her bullshit outburst! And of course I loved all of the scenes with her and Lorelai, especially them screaming at one another after the funeral, then trying therapy, and it was perfect how their final moments echoed the pilot and brought everything full circle. It did make me think that Amy seemed a lot more cynical overall then the season 7 showrunner though! For starters she had Rory end up in a very different place from the season 7 finale having Rory celebrated by the townspeople before heading off into a bright future, not quite what Amy had in mind for Rory's success after Yale apparently. And then there's Lorelai suggesting to Emily in the seventh season that they continue to stay in contact without the FND threat hanging over their heads, whereas Amy goes with the idea that Emily and Lorelai (and Luke and Lorelai when it comes to their miscommunication) would very much remain in their same old patterns...

I must admit that, of the main three, Lorelai's storyline was probably the least interesting to me, although I still mostly enjoyed it. I particularly appreciated the scenes with Michel in Spring and how well both of their POV's came across with how sad they both were at him leaving. But then Lorelai's whole plan to find herself by hiking kind of dragged for me lol, although I did love her phone call with Emily of course. I guess it didn't come across for me as strongly why she would be so dissatisfied with her life, compared to Emily coping with losing her husband and other half, and Rory facing up to failing at her chosen profession and having to move back home.

It felt like the writing had stalled for Lorelai a bit at times, particularly in Winter when she suddenly brings up surrogacy, even though she was nearly 50 at the time?? Luke never seemed particularly bothered about it to me either, the impression I got was it was Lorelai regretting never having a family with Luke, but that was one occasion where you could really tell that Amy had originally planned for that discussion in her imagined season 7 or 8 when Lorelai was pushing 40, it didn't make sense for the subject to only come up for them 10 years later. I was glad that it didn't end on Lorelai expecting, it would have been really weird if it had ended with Lorelai pregnant and facing the prospect of having a teenager to raise when she's in her 60's! But it definitely came across the most strongly with Lorelai's character that some of her storylines would have fit better in Amy's planned seasons 7 and 8. It made things with Luke and Lorelai look weirdly stalled for them to have not discussed marriage or kids since the show ended, especially after Lorelai made such a big deal all throughout season 6 on marriage and the whole package being something that she really wants (she literally breaks down sobbing at Lane's wedding over it), yet apparently it hasn't come up in the last ten years?? Hmm

Whereas I've seen some complaints that Rory's storyline would have worked better for someone in their 20's, and that's a storyline that should have obviously been set after Yale graduation, but I actually thought it fit a lot better that she was embarassed and feeling stigmatised at moving back home along with the "30 something gang". I dont think it would have been such a big deal if she was still in her early-mid 20's, a lot of people are still finding themselves then and still living at home, but I can understand why Rory would be fixated on her "failure" to be moving back home at 32 with not much to show for her career. I was really happy with how Amy and Daniel handled that whole plot, I'm surprised at how much dislike it's gotten. IMO It was a much more interesting choice to have Rory struggling with the real world, and finding that success in your chosen profession is not as easy as it is when you're still in school and can get by on hard work and smarts. And obviously Rory is very entitled, but honestly I could understand where she was coming from when she was worrying about taking "lesser jobs" that she wasn't as passionate about, she had been build up so much as the Gilmore's great hope that I get why she felt pressured into doing doing something ~great~, rather than just getting by with freelance work on a blog or whatever. Heh Paris called it back in season 3 though when she points out that the Chilton Valedictorian traditionally doesn't end up having as much success!

I'm not sure how I feel about Rory writing a book, especially as she didn't seem to have any other ideas when it looked like Lorelai was going to refuse permission to tell their story, but it is nicely meta I guess. Overall though I preferred seeing Rory as editior of The Stars Hollow Gazette. I don't see why she can't get any payment from that, it seemed like it was very widely-read, and presumedly it has advertisements in there/money is being made from it?

And regarding ships, this is probably going to be really unpopular, but I really think that Rory is meant to be completely over Jess romantically and that's the way that Alexis plays it. I've noticed that a lot of the fandom is assuming that Jess's last look at Rory is setting up the Luke/Christopher parallels, and Amy is setting Rory/Jess up as potential endgame, but personally I just don't see it. If anything Rory was a lot more wistful about her past relationship with Dean even, going on about maybe if they had met when she was older, and of course her and Logan were still hung up on one another as well. Jess seemed to be the only one of her past boyfriends whom Rory had completely moved on from, IMO the whole vibe was more one of two old friends re-connecting. I guess that I'm just not a fan of the whole Luke/Jess are so good to Lorelai/Rory, so obviously that's who they should settle for. Jess has been a good friend when it comes to giving Rory advice, but I don't see why that automatically means that he deserves to get the girl in the end, even though Rory herself has given no indication that she still feels that way about him.

Not that Logan and Rory weren't a complete mess of course! My interpretation of their "relationship" was that they'd had a casual friends with benefits arrangement for a while, with Rory crashing at Logan's whenever she was in town, and it wasn't until the Spring episode that Logan was engaged. (In Winter Rory makes reference to is she going to find other girl's things in the closet). And at first Rory was deluding herself that nothing needs to change, they were always no strings-attached anyway, until it came up that they would need to meet up in hotels now. That was when it really started to hit her that she was setting herself up as long-term mistress, rather than just two old friends re-connecting at Logan's place whenever she's in town. I dunno, it was all very sordid in the end, but I still ended up feeling for them both. I was happy that Rory made the right decision in the end though to break things off, and I thought that the Life and Death Brigade scenes were really fun and visually stunning, although I've noticed that those sequences seem to be more of an acquired taste :P

Oh and Paris was of course flawless throughout, "Go home and try to apologize to your parents for those two semesters at Smith wasted on studying Buffy the Vampire Slayer and feminist theory" :D Everything about her and Rory at Chilton was great (lol at the contrast between their teaching styles!), and I was glad to see that the two of them have remained close. I was kind of sad at the resolution to Paris and Doyle though, it all seemed so open-ended. After Paris said that they were getting divorced, I assumed that they were only doing that so they Amy could set up them reconciling in a later episode, and I kept waiting for that to happen :( It's a shame that they didn't have Paris for the Fall episode as well, but from what I understand she was filming How to Get Away With Murder at the same time, and they were lucky to fit in the two episodes of Paris that they did

And now a few nitpicks! I was not a fan of the musical segment at all, it just felt like a really self-indulgent way of using the actors from Amy's other show. One bad song would have been bearable, and then Lorelai could have joked about the rest in the meeting afterwards, but we did not need to sit through the entire thing! The Summer episode was my least favourite for that reason, way too much of the quirky townies

I was also disappointed that there wasn't more Sookie and Lane. Obviously there were BTS reasons for Sookie, and I could buy that she was out of town, but then once they actually brought her back it took me out of the story for her to then disappear again. She had been so excited for Luke and Lorelai's wedding and made a ton of cakes for them, yet doesn't warrant an invite to the actual wedding? It just didn't feel right for Michel to be there instead of Sookie, even though I did otherwise like how he kind of replaced Sookie as Lorelai's bff in the revival. But c'mon, Sookie should have been a part of the wedding

I also didn't understand why Lane got nothing resembling a plot for the entire six hours? (And showing Mr Kim after all these years was a funny little shout-out, but it also raises a TON of questions lol.)

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that's good
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Great review! I have a few thoughts of my own:

Emily was one of my favourite parts of the revival, particularly her bullshit outburst!

I loved that outburst as well. It felt like real growth for her, and I couldn't help but relate as I've been yearning to tell people off for bullshit in my own life lately!

I guess it didn't come across for me as strongly why she would be so dissatisfied with her life, compared to Emily coping with losing her husband

I don't think she was dissatisfied to start. I think it was grief over her father (I can't compare myself to Emily, but I can say losing my own mom made me reexamine a lot of things in my life, and it certainly left me feeling adrift -- losing a parent, for me, was like having the very axis of the Earth shifted, and from what I understand, in Wild the character who goes on the hike was grieving a parent too), and also Emily's comments making her question whether Luke was happy with their arrangement. I think that's why she was questioning him early on about whether he had wanted to have kids, and whether being with her had cheated him out of that as Emily implied.

It made things with Luke and Lorelai look weirdly stalled for them to have not discussed marriage or kids since the show ended

I agree, though the way I explained it to myself was that they were afraid to rock the boat once they finally got back together. I can see how their break-up, with marriage at the center of it, might've made them afraid to bring it back up. Lorelai's marriage to Christopher might've also put her off of it for a while.

IMO It was a much more interesting choice to have Rory struggling with the real world...And obviously Rory is very entitled

Totally agreed on both points.

I really think that Rory is meant to be completely over Jess romantically and that's the way that Alexis plays it

This is how I felt too. I thought Jess' look back was merely to show that *he* still had feelings, not that she did.

I was not a fan of the musical segment at all

Me neither! Like you I thought it was self-indulgent & went on way too long.
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Haha yes, I was surprised at first after the DAR had always been such an important part of Emily's life, but it really did feel like growth that she finally got sick of it all and just said what she truly thought. And it was a great decision to move away from the family home with all the memories of Richard, and buy her own place for the first time ever. You could really tell how much fun the actress was having playing Emily in the revival :)

And that's true, I do think that Lorelai was letting Emily get to her as well when Emily would keep needling her about not truly being partners with Luke, so she found herself questioning how happy and committed they truly were. And it then didn't help when Luke started on about how everything in their life is decided by Lorelai, she's the reason that they keep their families separate etc, because then Lorelai was worrying about if Luke really wasn't satisfied with how things worked out for them. Honestly Luke and Lorelai still seem to have so many communication issues that I do wonder how much the wedding will really change things at this point, but I guess that 'Fall' was pushing it as a positive conclusion for them

And I do think it's interesting that Rory/Jess seems to have the most agreement that it's going to be endgame, even though I get nothing from Rory there? Alexis played no romantic longing in their scenes whatsoever IMO, as opposed to how Rory clearly does still have feelings for Logan, and she even had a lot of reminiscing over when she dated Dean, but with Jess the vibe I get is that she just sees him as an old friend :shrugs:

And yeah, they could have either had Lorelai just summing up the rest of the badness in the meeting afterwards, or maybe tried showing it as a quick montage even, but instead it was literally ten minutes of sitting through a deliberately terrible musical. Umm fun?
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As a 28 year old who is feeling roughly like Rory at the moment I don't find her age to be that weird.

I've always been more of a fan of Logan than any of Rory's other boyfriends. Jess was OK sometimes when he wasn't being too broody and it does seem like he's grown up better. I'm glad that Dean is still happily married and moved on. Logan, while self absorbed at least seems to really care about Rory. And I'm a big fan of TL&DB scenes. I don't know why. I've always loved it. I want to join.

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Exactly, a lot of people seem to be arguing that Rory's arc would have fit better in Amy's imagined season 7 or 8, but I don't feel like it would have reasonated much then at all for Rory to be stressing over not having instant success right out of college, cause really how many people do? It was much more powerful to me that she was of an age where society really does expect you to have it together by then

And yeah, the L&D brigade might be obnoxious to deal with in real life lol, but I find them really entertaining to watch
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I liked reading this! I think Emily's arc was my favorite as well. And I do like how everything was handled for the most part though the musical was so random? I'm holding out hope that we'll get some more episodes in the future hah.

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Thank you! I definitely love Emily and Rory the most of all the characters, both of their arcs really spoke to me in the revival <3

And I'm feeling hopeful, especially after GG was getting such incredible hype behind it in the lead-up to its release, I really feel like it must have done incredibly well for Netflix, so there's no reason that they won't want to do more. And the actors all seem up for it too?
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