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There were a few things that stood out me this time around. Firstly I found myself thinking that it's been a little bit exaggerated just how much Dean's personality was retconned after Jess came along. Dean was never actually shown to be as into reading and swapping rec's with Rory in season 1 as I've seen suggested, he made a single reference to liking Hunter S. Thompson, but otherwise it came across like it was more Rory's thing for her to lend him her favourite books and encourage him to try and find something in them, but I never saw him as someone who would have been reading in his free time without Rory's encouragement. I do think it could arguably be seen as a retcon that the show later pushed the narrative of Dean not being all that smart though, he seemed to be doing okay in that department in the beginning, then suddenly in seasons 2 and 3 he came across as someone who had given absolutely no thought to college. But still I never felt like his character was all that radically changed after Jess came along, I see season 1 Dean more as someone who was super into Rory, so a lot of season 1 was more about him trying to keep up with her references and impress her IMO

I really don't care for Dean's character anyway tbh, and I thought it was interesting that Lorelai was so supportive of Dean and constantly urging Rory to treat him better/calling him the perfect first boyfriend, considering that Dean's jealousy issues and general flying off the handle actually reminded me a lot of Luke (probably an unpopular opinion, but hey!) It was particularly awful in the season 2 episode when Dean acts so put out and entitled over Rory wanting some alone time to do laundry, and then storms into the house screaming and completely intimidating Rory when he realises that Jess is there as well.

It also came across that Lorelai was so TeamDean because she could feel a part of that relationship in a way that she really wasn't with Rory/Jess, she included herself in Dean and Rory's first date, she obviously had a friendly relationship with Dean and appreciated him helping out around the house, she and Max went on double dates with Rory/Dean, Dean was instructing Max on how to deal with Lorelai and Rory as a unit etc, whereas she was completely cut out of Rory/Jess and pretty much forced into the role of disapproving Mom that Jess had to try and make nice with before taking Rory out. It's kind of ironic how much Lorelai complained about her parents suffocating her, because it comes across like her relationship with Rory was very suffocating at certain points as well

The show always had the message that Lorelai's parenting was in some ways the ideal, but there was also the subtext that Rory was a little bit emotionally stunted by her sheltered upbringing (Jess wondering if she could really cope with being a foreign correspondence, Rory asking Lorelai to stay with her on her first night of college). We were always meant to see Lorelai as the better parent, and not saying that I don't agree with that, but still it's interesting that Emily's parenting style actually produced a really independent and determined daughter like Lorelai, while Lorelai's parenting style produced a very coddled daughter who completely fell apart the first time that she heard that she doesn't have it in her to make a good journalist.

And neither season 6 or 7 are high in re-watchability for me still frankly. Even season 5 couldn't quite capture the magic of peak GG from seasons 1-4 IMO. Certain characters/traits were already starting to feel a bit overdone and exaggerated that year, particularly with the townies (i.e the "hilarity" of Luke and Kirk having to take off their clothes to conduct business with the town elders in a bathhouse), and the humour feels more slapstick. I will always hate what Liz and TJ brought to the show, what an unbelievably grating pair! Season 5 was also when they made Rory more and more bratty and entitled, so yeah basically it was all downhill for me after season 4. I did love seasons 1-4 a lot though! And I do mostly like season 5, with a few nitpicks here and there.

Meh it probably was realistic character for Rory to turn out as she did, but I will always relate more to introverted Rory of seasons 1-4 who loved reading and had a horror of being forced into joining in. I couldn't relate to later seasons Rory at all when she was becoming a leader at the DAR, and bossing around everyone at the paper and community service as group leader. It was such a leap from season 4 Rory calling Dean to rescue her when she's stuck with the Emily approved college guys who are drinking and being rowdy at the bar, but then suddenly drinking with snobs like Colin and Finn was her idea of a great time?

Oh and I'm still not a big fan of how GG writes romantic relationships, a lot of the fan excitement for the upcoming miniseries seems to be about whether it will be Jess or Logan, and if Luke and Lorelai end up together, but meh I'm much more excited about seeing the families relate to one another, that's what I always felt that GG excelled at. I'm particularly interested in seeing if Lorelai and Emily are at a better place with one another these days

And urgh I'm so bummed that one of my season 2 disks wouldn't play two of the episodes, I've never had a problem with it before! It was the beginning of Secret And Loans that was messed-up, so not too painful a loss, but I also couldn't play the last half of The Bracebridge Dinner. I caught up with them on Netflix instead, but still :( I kept looking for damage on that disk, but I couldn't make out any scratches at all?? All I could think was that maybe it's because I have the complete boxset where the disks aren't in protected holders, you just slide them back in against the cardboard, maybe that's doing some long-term damage? If only it had been a season 6 or 7 disk instead :sighs:
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