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There were a few things that stood out me this time around. Firstly I found myself thinking that it's been a little bit exaggerated just how much Dean's personality was retconned after Jess came along. Dean was never actually shown to be as into reading and swapping rec's with Rory in season 1 as I've seen suggested, he made a single reference to liking Hunter S. Thompson, but otherwise it came across like it was more Rory's thing for her to lend him her favourite books and encourage him to try and find something in them, but I never saw him as someone who would have been reading in his free time without Rory's encouragement. I do think it could arguably be seen as a retcon that the show later pushed the narrative of Dean not being all that smart though, he seemed to be doing okay in that department in the beginning, then suddenly in seasons 2 and 3 he came across as someone who had given absolutely no thought to college. But still I never felt like his character was all that radically changed after Jess came along, I see season 1 Dean more as someone who was super into Rory, so a lot of season 1 was more about him trying to keep up with her references and impress her IMO

I really don't care for Dean's character anyway tbh, and I thought it was interesting that Lorelai was so supportive of Dean and constantly urging Rory to treat him better/calling him the perfect first boyfriend, considering that Dean's jealousy issues and general flying off the handle actually reminded me a lot of Luke (probably an unpopular opinion, but hey!) It was particularly awful in the season 2 episode when Dean acts so put out and entitled over Rory wanting some alone time to do laundry, and then storms into the house screaming and completely intimidating Rory when he realises that Jess is there as well.

It also came across that Lorelai was so TeamDean because she could feel a part of that relationship in a way that she really wasn't with Rory/Jess, she included herself in Dean and Rory's first date, she obviously had a friendly relationship with Dean and appreciated him helping out around the house, she and Max went on double dates with Rory/Dean, Dean was instructing Max on how to deal with Lorelai and Rory as a unit etc, whereas she was completely cut out of Rory/Jess and pretty much forced into the role of disapproving Mom that Jess had to try and make nice with before taking Rory out. It's kind of ironic how much Lorelai complained about her parents suffocating her, because it comes across like her relationship with Rory was very suffocating at certain points as well

The show always had the message that Lorelai's parenting was in some ways the ideal, but there was also the subtext that Rory was a little bit emotionally stunted by her sheltered upbringing (Jess wondering if she could really cope with being a foreign correspondence, Rory asking Lorelai to stay with her on her first night of college). We were always meant to see Lorelai as the better parent, and not saying that I don't agree with that, but still it's interesting that Emily's parenting style actually produced a really independent and determined daughter like Lorelai, while Lorelai's parenting style produced a very coddled daughter who completely fell apart the first time that she heard that she doesn't have it in her to make a good journalist.

And neither season 6 or 7 are high in re-watchability for me still frankly. Even season 5 couldn't quite capture the magic of peak GG from seasons 1-4 IMO. Certain characters/traits were already starting to feel a bit overdone and exaggerated that year, particularly with the townies (i.e the "hilarity" of Luke and Kirk having to take off their clothes to conduct business with the town elders in a bathhouse), and the humour feels more slapstick. I will always hate what Liz and TJ brought to the show, what an unbelievably grating pair! Season 5 was also when they made Rory more and more bratty and entitled, so yeah basically it was all downhill for me after season 4. I did love seasons 1-4 a lot though! And I do mostly like season 5, with a few nitpicks here and there.

Meh it probably was realistic character for Rory to turn out as she did, but I will always relate more to introverted Rory of seasons 1-4 who loved reading and had a horror of being forced into joining in. I couldn't relate to later seasons Rory at all when she was becoming a leader at the DAR, and bossing around everyone at the paper and community service as group leader. It was such a leap from season 4 Rory calling Dean to rescue her when she's stuck with the Emily approved college guys who are drinking and being rowdy at the bar, but then suddenly drinking with snobs like Colin and Finn was her idea of a great time?

Oh and I'm still not a big fan of how GG writes romantic relationships, a lot of the fan excitement for the upcoming miniseries seems to be about whether it will be Jess or Logan, and if Luke and Lorelai end up together, but meh I'm much more excited about seeing the families relate to one another, that's what I always felt that GG excelled at. I'm particularly interested in seeing if Lorelai and Emily are at a better place with one another these days

And urgh I'm so bummed that one of my season 2 disks wouldn't play two of the episodes, I've never had a problem with it before! It was the beginning of Secret And Loans that was messed-up, so not too painful a loss, but I also couldn't play the last half of The Bracebridge Dinner. I caught up with them on Netflix instead, but still :( I kept looking for damage on that disk, but I couldn't make out any scratches at all?? All I could think was that maybe it's because I have the complete boxset where the disks aren't in protected holders, you just slide them back in against the cardboard, maybe that's doing some long-term damage? If only it had been a season 6 or 7 disk instead :sighs:

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This show is still on my must rewatch list and much like The West Wing which I love to pieces despite it's flaws I just can't get myself to get it done. But having said all that I'm still intrigued to see what this Netflix thing will be like.

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Honestly it did feel like a bit of a massive undertaking towards the end! I sailed through the earlier seasons, but seasons 6 and 7 definitely became a bit of a struggle, there's just sooo much to get through when you're talking about seven seasons. Ending it after five seasons instead would have been just right for me, you could especially tell that they were struggling to find more L/L conflict in season 6, and I was never convinced that Luke or Lorelai were in character when it come to how they handled the whole secret daughter discovery. Lorelai especially became way too passive in how she reacted to Luke IMO

But yes, I'm the same in still absolutely loving the show, even though I always seem to find plenty of character flaws to nitpick and want to discuss, but I guess that's all part of the fun for me as well *g*

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I had that with my Prison Break DVDs... kind of... my DVD Player wouldn't play some of them - I think Season 2 - but strangely enough, my Laptop then did, but only with VLC player... i don't know why that happens sometimes. I also had it a few times that files would get stuck and not play anymore with VLC Player but with Media Player they later on worked... oh well... :( Hope you can replace them, though...

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Unfortunately I brought them too long ago now :( They all played fine in 2012 and 2014 when I watched them, it was just that one disk that kept freezing and refusing to play this time. It was frustrating not being able to detect any scratches or reason or it not to play, so all I could think is that maybe it got unseen damage from being scrapped up against the cardboard in the box design

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Is your player a tray type or one where you have to snap it on the spindle thing? I've had issues with discs on the spindle type. Sometimes they don't sit straight or something. Then I put it a tray type player and it worked.

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It's the tray tape of player, but I just got curious and checked, and it's actually playing without any issues at all in my computer's dvd drive, just not in my DVD player for some reason. I feel better knowing that the disk isn't completely unsalvageable though anyway!

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It could be the laser is getting weak or something. I always end up ripping everything to a hard drive anyway out of paranoia. :P

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I recently watched some GG eps - i'd really only seen the first season and some of season two - and man.

I found Dean so annoying. He would be all put-upon and whiny when his book-loving girlfriend wanted to *read* and *browse books*, omg.

And Lorelei really, really, really started to grate after season one. She was so damn childish about stuff, particularly about Emily. Sure, her parents were uptight and 'old money' and had some issues, but they *loved* her and saw the way they'd been raised to be best/have the best opportunities. And Lorelei just seemed to not appreciate one tiny bit of it. She didn't have to fall in line, or be perfect, or do what they wanted, that was fine, but every tiny thing her parents did got this big, scathing got old.

I ended up watching basically for Paris. I *love* Paris - she's my very favorite. :)

Sucks your dvds got weird, there - it happens! I like having a box set of something but, on the other hand, the whole idea of perfect digital copies that never get screwed up is really, really appealing. :)

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Totally agreed on Dean, I hated how clingy and demanding he was of Rory's time, and how the show would seem to side with him and portray it as Rory needing to be a better girlfriend. How dare she want some time to herself, or how dare she not want to put off an important college extracurricular to hang out with Dean

And Emily is one of my favourite characters, so honestly yeah I ended up siding with her a lot in their arguments. I do love Lorelai, but her flaws stand out mor and more as you re-watch, and sometimes she just did not not know when to shut up! :P Emily could be cold, but for me it was hard to justify just how much Lorelai would push her parents away at times. I never saw Richard and Emily as being all that terrible, we see in season 3 that she was still living in their home after giving birth to Rory, so it wasn't like they were outright rejecting her for getting pregnant and not marrying Christopher. They were still supporting her and Rory, yet Lorelei just takes off one day and leaves a note? I always felt like Lorelai was being really o/t when she kept comparing her parents to dictators and acting like she'd had the hardest upbringing in the entire world, it always seemed like Emily was really trying to make a connection, while a lot of the time Lorelai would just act like it physically pained her to spend any time with her mother

And that's true :( At least the episodes are on Netflix, but it is frustrating when you own an imperfect set

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All of what you said! Lorelei (i cannot spell that name) generally came off as just spoiled, bratty, and snotty. 'My liberal, hippy-dippy non-parenting parenting is so much better than yours!! Even though it's not really!! And i mostly just want to pretend i'm 13 with my kid!!!'

I really got that when Rory started to bond with her grandparents (especially her grandpa) and Lorelei got all *jealous* and stupid about it. Sheesh.

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Oh that was actually an episode where I did sympathise with Lorelai more than Emily, she had only just restablished contact with her parents, so I could understand her feeling pushed out and worrying that her parents would use Rory to replace her now as the ~perfect daughter~ for them. But sometimes Emily was 100% focused on connecting with Lorelai, like when when she wants them to take a mother/daughter spa trip, and Lorelai would still act like such a snot about it and not make any effort at all

Lorelai would pay lip service to saying that she gets that her running away hurt her mother, but it never felt like she got just how devestated Emily was at being cut off from her only daughter and granddaughter, she always seemed to view Emily's attempts to get closer as being manipulative attempts to control Lorelai and pull strings. And yeah maybe that was part of it too, Emily wasn't a perfect character by any means, but at times Lorelai only seemed able to see one-dimensional scheming Emily as being out to get her, never mind how much cutting herself from them had deeply hurt her parents. It really wasn't such a big deal to spend one evening a week with her parents in return for them picking up the cheque, it was entirely reasonable of Emily to want Rory to finally have proper contact with her grandparents after she had been kept from them for 16 years of her life
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Yup, all of this.

Well, I still didn't sympathize with Lorelei when Rory *liked* hanging out with her Grandpa - she made her feel weird bout that, and i didn't like that at all.

She did just act like a bratty baby at the dinners, making stupid remarks and just being snotty for no reason. Meh.

But then we had Paris, and that made up for it all.

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Totally with you on your comments here. I love seasons 1-4, and I like parts of season 5, but after that it definitely takes a dive. I am looking forward to seeing Luke & Lorelai banter again, so long as they don't waste time arguing again (that got old fast), but like you I really want to see Lorelai & Emily getting along well. That would make me happy.

Date: 2016-11-16 10:58 pm (UTC)
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Yeah I did enjoy season 5 a lot too, but for me it's definitely seasons 1-4 which are just perfect for binge-watching straight through, unfortunately Kirk and the townies did start to feel a bit overdone after that IMO, and the show took on a heavier tone at times with the relationships. But still I was always there for any combination of scenes with the family members

With Luke and Lorelai I felt like Amy knew how to do build-up, but she was never that good at writing couples, so she always had to introduce a lot of forced conflict. It was the same with Rory and Jess too really, as friends in season 2 they really seemed to connect over books and enjoy having discussions together, yet in season 3 you hardly see any of that. Jess seemed to lose all interest in spending time with Rory once they were actually a couple, even though he'd been all over her the previous year and really seemed infatuated with her
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I hate Hate HATE the box set for Gilmore Girls (if you have that awful "barbie doll" boxed set - which, also WTF does that even have to do with GG anyway?)

I've always had issues with the guys Rory dated as anything beyond boyfriends so I REALLY do not want her to be with any of them. I mean, she was on the road with Obama for goodness sakes, she should have met lots of interesting people who are just as smart as her out there and not settle for any of those boys from home. If she is with anyone at all, which I don't think she really has to be.

I think you should really feel when the show creator/runner pulled away to start working on other stuff. I know she was completely gone by Season 7 (and I swear they do not talk as fast that season!). But I'm wondering if during season 5 she was starting to get distracted? Or maybe it is just hard to transition your teen characters from high school to college? I know Buffy definitely stumbled there too.

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That's the one! And yeah it's a good space saver at least, but the design is...odd. I wonder if they will release this new mini-series on DVD or not?

And GG never wrote romance wel IMO, so that's never been my favourite part of the show anyway. If I had to pick a guy for Rory then it would be Logan, but I'd be just as happy if she ended it single, or with someone new. It would feel a bit contrived if she's still hung up on both Logan and Jess, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's like the VM movie where Veronica was still dating and torn between the *exact same* two guys from ten years earlier where the series left off lol. I guess everyone involved feels a lot of pressure to appeal to nostalgia when it comes to these kinds of projects though, and it's hard to convince audiences to feel much attchement to a brand-new character

And I'm pretty sure that Amy was definitely still heavily involved in all six seasons before the last one, she has writing credit on quite a few season 6 episodes actually. Seasons 5 and 6 have their moments, but they're missing the warm feeling from earlier seasons for me, it just wasn't the same when Lorelai and Rory stopped speaking for so long at the beginning of season 6, and then all of the Luke drama making Lorelai miserable and unlike herself :(

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Oh I had blocked out that Luke drama! Like they felt obligated to mess up their relationship because they were DETERMINED to keep them apart until the finale? Blah. Unnecessary!

I apparently don't like guys named Logan as a rule LOL! I was so mad when I found out Rob Thomas shipped Veronica/Logan so I knew the movie wasn't going to appeal to my shipper side. Then again, maybe I just become to attached to the female characters of shows and decide NO ONE is good enough!

Oh and I got a survey earlier this week asking if I would buy the miniseries on DVD. I was like "I haven't even SEEN IT YET! What if it SUCKS?" so I think the studio is trying to figure it out too.

I actually gave my GG boxed set to the ex when we broke up. Kicking myself for that one and BSG...but kinda awkward to email him now to ask for them back 7 years later...

Date: 2016-11-17 01:15 am (UTC)
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I figured that the Logan romance was coming and that didn't bother me, but I thought it was super-lame for Veronica to have re-connected with Piz as well, so they could repeat the exact same triangle that season 3 had ended on! It made it confusing too when a lot of the audience didn't realise that Veronica and Piz were only meant to have got back together recently, so a lot of viewers assumed that they were meant to have been in the same relationship since college and were really serious

And I hope they do release the miniseries on DVD, although I don't hold out much hope for extras considering how stingy the DVD sets always were with them! It would be awesome if they included that panel that the cast took part in though as a bonus feature

And yeah, all of the drama with L/L always felt so contrived to me, I didn't care for the writing of them as a couple at all frankly. The jealousy over Christopher got annoying in season 5 too

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saying he liked hunter s thompson doesnt even mean he read the book tbh, he could have just seen an adaptation plus its the type of author guys claim to love without reading it because they think it makes them seen cool and edgy haha.

Date: 2016-11-17 12:48 am (UTC)
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I wouldn't be surprised if it were something like that lol, he was introduced as being super into Rory and observing how into her reading she gets, so it made sense to me that he'd make sure to have a name ready for when Rory did want to discuss favourite books or authors, but I really don't recognise this well-read and intellectual guy fanon talks about that was supposedly completely retconned after Jess came along. It was always portrayed as Rory pushing books on Dean, while he was telling her that he wasn't getting much out of them

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I've been considering watching this... Never watched it the first time around, just wasn't my style, but have heard so much good about it over the years that I added it to my (far too long) watch list - any suggestions for potential first time watchers?

Date: 2016-11-17 01:41 pm (UTC)
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Honestly I'd recommend just starting from the beginning actually, it wasn't until about halfway through season 1 that I completely fell in love with it admittedly, but the first few episodes do set up the show really well, and there are already classic episodes early on with 106 and 109. This clip from season 6 is a good example of the family conflicts that were at the heart of the show, but otherwise I'm not sure how much you'd get out of watching the classic episodes out of context, it's very much a serialised show

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I do agree that the later seasons of Gilmore Girls aren't as good as the first few. Though that being said, season four is actually my least favorite because I just couldn't stand Jason haha.

Date: 2016-11-17 01:55 pm (UTC)
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I've actually read that a lot of people weren't as keen on season 4, Lorelai's storyline wasn't seen as particularly strong by a lot of the fans that year, so you're not the only one! I still enjoyed that year a lot though, mostly for seeing Rory's transition to college life, but I did like Jason's character as well. Him and Lorelai really didn't have a lot of chemistry though, and he always seemed a bit too quirky for her (Poor Lauren, they never seemed to pair her with particularly handsome guys over the course of the show :P ) I remember getting annoyed with Lorelai actually when she made such a big deal over not liking being in the private room of the restaurant, that gave me severe second-hand embarrassment with how uncomfortable and awkward Jason got over not knowing how to make her happy
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Ugh, I hated the rift between Rory and Lorelai. That really killed a lot of the enjoyment. And I agree, GG isn't great when it comes to writing romance. I mean, I'm firmly in Team Lorelai/Luke, I loved all the "Will they, won't they?", but once they became a couple it felt as if the writers were out of ideas and just creating unnecessary drama. Ugh, the April thing was so stupid.

Date: 2016-11-17 02:01 pm (UTC)
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Yeah same, I could understand why they felt that the show would eventually need to have a storyline of Rory growing closer to her grandparents and Lorelai feeling rejected, but it really killed the show for me to have practically the entire first half of season 6 with them not talking. They could have cut the rift down to 4 or 5 episodes max IMO, instead it seemed to go on forever, and I really missed their banter :(

And honestly I only cared for Luke/Lorelai as friends, they made such an awkward couple to me. It was ironic how Lorelai made fun of Rory and Jess in season 3 for looking like two chickens pecking at one another with how fast they kissed, because that described a LOT of L/L kisses too? Unless it was specifically scripted as a embrace to go on for longer, it always seemed like they just pecked at one another really briefly, and that was very odd to me when they had only just started dating and you would have expected them be a bit more passionate than that

Date: 2016-11-18 06:54 am (UTC)
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I've rewatched GG twice in recent years... both times stalled during mid-Season 6. I have one week to power through, but oh it's so difficult blergh.

I really enjoyed your thoughts, especially the critique on Emily and Lorelai's parenting styles.

Date: 2016-11-18 02:49 pm (UTC)
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Thank you! :) Lorelai's best friend style of parenting had its benefits too of course, but the amount of sheltering and coddling that Rory got didn't always help Rory in the long-run IMO, as early as the third episode we see Rory completely fall apart and unable to take it in at being told that she couldn't still take the test after she came in late. Well ditto Lorelai with yelling at the headmaster for not making a Rory exception lol. And then Rory herself gets frustrated after the car accident with Jess when everyone was rushing into protective mode, and not even thinking for one minute that she might hold some blame as well (and IMO Lorelai behaved ridiculously there with her freak-outs in the hospital, even after the first thing Rory said to her on the phone was that it was nothing more serious than a sprained wrist). And that attitude was why Rory completely broke down after she was advised to take less courses at Yale, and why she later actually dropped out after Mitchum failed to praise her journalism talents. She couldn't handle constructive criticism at all, and that was because she'd been praised as Lorelai's "perfect kid" all her life, so there were too many expectations to live up too whenever she did feel like she'd failed

And urgh yeah I know, I found myself thinking that I would rather just skip seasons 6 and 7 whenever I next re-watch the show, but at the same time I'm such a completist that I would hate skipping straight from season 5 cliffhanger to the mini-series, there's so much essential character continuity in those episodes. But those episodes really are such a slog to get through :(
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I'm actually watching it for the first time. I'm almost done w/ S3. Anyway, I agree w/ your assessment of Dean. I admit I still don't get why the fans like Jess.

Date: 2016-11-18 07:23 pm (UTC)
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Dean is a strange case because so much of the accepted fandom lore seems to be that his character was radically changed in season 2 to make Jess look better, but yeah I never felt like he was written all that differently in season 1? It was just easier for him to come across well in the very beginning because we were only seeing the perfect first boyfriend side of him that Rory was crushing on, but even then he acts like a jerk over her not saying 'I love you', and he was always jealous of Tristan back then too, so his possessive behaviour around Jess later on all seemed in character to me :shrugs: And lbr we never saw him and Rory having particularly deep discussions in season 1, or truly bonding over a love of reading, it was mostly more him trying to keep up his end of the concentration

And Jess was a hard character for me to like in the beginning because I was so taken-aback at how rude he was to Lorelai! I normally have a weakness for the bad boy, but he was always so surly and not charming at all, so I really struggled to see what everyone saw in him. On re-watch he's growing on me, and I do love the Luke and Jess moments, but first time around it definitely took a long time to shake off that first impression of him

Date: 2016-11-20 05:15 am (UTC)
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I didn't like any of Rory's boyfriends, honestly. But every time I rewatch I get creeped out by Dean more. He intimidates her, overreacts hugely to small things to the point that she's always placating him (from other guys showing interest in her to LAUNDRY), and publicly dumps her twice. I hate that she lost her virginity to a guy cheating on his wife. Actually, I'm not a fan of how any of the major young women lost their virginity on this show. It's always bad. Paris is super upset, Rory had a good time and then it was immediately terrible by context, and then poor LANE has the worst sex ever and then gets pregnant with TWINS??

I wasn't a Jess fan either. I think Milo had a hard time making this kid likable, honestly. He references Santa Claus too much. He's mean-spirited but not funny and he doesn't emotionally develop on screen, just after he's been off the show for a while, so it's hard to sympathize with him. Even Logan, I only liked in certain moments. Rory just has really bad taste in dudes. I'm glad she got out of the series single. (Psst. Girl. Date Paris.)

I'm hoping she stays single in Seasons. Be a career girl, Rory.

Date: 2016-11-20 02:39 pm (UTC)
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Urgh yes, the show seemed to have this really warped view of him as the perfect first boyfriend, even though in actuality he was really intense and putting way too much pressure on Rory. Rory was in the wrong too when she was flirting with Jess in season 2, but I thought it was ridiculous how sympathetic Lorelai always seemed to be to Dean creepily hanging around their house wondering where Rory was, or calling her 50 times in one evening. I felt like Lorelai got completely overinvested in that relationship, just because she liked how Dean was polite with adults and get along with her, and so of course Rory was questioning if she could go ahead with dumping Dean/dating Jess like she truly wanted. Really I think that Lorelai liked that whole innocent first love vibe that Rory had with Dean, and so she was subtly trying to influence Rory to not give in to the stronger sexual attraction that she felt for Jess, just because Lorelai feared where that might end up. And Rory was someone who was always desperate to please others, especially her mother, so she ended up confused and stringing Dean along, instead of just following her heart and making a clean break

And yeah, I guess that Jess did work for a of viewers so Milo must have been doing something right, but I remember being surprised at how charmless I found Milo's performance after all of the Jess hype. He didn't have a charismatic on-screen presence to me at all, Jess had such a chip on his shoulder, and would barely bother to communicate beyond grunts

Date: 2016-11-21 04:00 am (UTC)
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I keep telling myself I have to do a complete rewatch and watch of the last couple seasons just so I can get caught up, get memories and just... enjoying it but I still haven't. I'm actually rewatching The Vampire Diaries *laughs*

From memories, they do some twist and turns on some characters, huh? Rory, little introvert girl into reading and coffee and being shy and much more of a follower than a leader actually rebelled in a way, got a lot more confident and extrovert and such. Quite unlike herself.

Dean... well... I loved Dean. Except when he got married or whatever and actually cheated. I remember parts of him pre-Jess and some after and I do remember not liking him as much because of the whole cheating thing. I do need a rewatch.

I disliked Jess a lot at the beginning. I thought he was better later... I don't know... he changed.

Lorelai and Emily. Lorelai and Luke. Just Luke. The town folks. Sookie. I miss her.

Oh, and I have a similar thing happening with a BTVS season 5 disc. No trace of scratches or anything but VLC player freezes and shuts off. Or just plain freezes. I had to buy season 1 again because the last disc almost completely was ruined. I don't necessarliy wanna do it for one episode of season 5 but then again... how can I tell it's just the one ep? After Joyce's death, too.
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Date: 2016-11-21 03:32 pm (UTC)
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Yep, it felt like Rory went through some pretty drastic changes in season 5. I can understand where they were going with it, they wanted to show her being drawn in by her grandparents world, that made sense. It was when she became such a confident public speaker for the DAR in early season 6, and the self-appointed leader at community service that was bossing around else around, that was when I missed earlier Rory lol. That really did seem like a 180 from what a introvert she was at the beginning

My top five characters at the moment would be Emily, Rory (in spite of everything!), Paris, Mrs Kim (she always made me laugh lol), and Lorelai. Lorelai was my favourite character first time around, but on re-watch I'm finding a lot that aggravates me about her tbh :P She's still in my top five though, so I guess that counts for something!

And that sounds like my disk, it made my whole player freeze up, but I could not find any scratches or marks on it :( I've had that happen a couple of times with DVDs all of a sudden having issues when they always played fine in the past, it's really frustrating when it's part of a tv set *sighs*

Date: 2016-11-23 10:11 pm (UTC)
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I got too many things I wanna watch and catch up to and also rewatch. Not counting books to read. I mean, I'm into the whole Mortal Instruments series now so I can watch season 2 properly in January (and rewatch season 1 first of course).

And now having a boyfriend, so to speak, it makes for less time to do that *laughs*

I'd have to try that disk in my XBox since it's my DVD player when I'm not actually playing a game to see if it's gonna bug out there as well. I do need that disk to work in the computer so I can make my screencaps though. If not, I guess I need to buy the entire season again.


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