Dec. 30th, 2016

frelling_tralk: (Gone Girl Amy by iwillnotdance)
Well not entirely sure if I should be panicking right now or not, but I've set up a Dreamwodth account just in case anyway. Apparently you no longer need an invite to join!

I'm currently importing my LJ over there, but I still have zero plans to leave LJ. I would just hate to lose all of my content without warning, not to mention all of the people that I have friended over here, so I figured that it doesn't hurt to create that backup if the worst-case scenario does ever come to pass. I don't think the censorship concerns would affect me as I'm not all that political on here quite honestly, my main worry is that the site might go under for good without warning one day, I've been reading that it's apparently no longer all that profitable outside of the Russian user base

This is probably very shallow in light of all the censorship concerns, but I still just don't want to leave LJ. Frankly I would be sad to leave my permanent account to start all over again on another site with a tiny icon allowance and other silly little annoyances like that...Still if the LJ servers do ever go down for good then I would want to continue blogging, so I guess that Dreamwidth is where I'll be in that case...


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